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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Where are you from?

When I first started this blog last June, my blog traffic was zero. Through some research on the internet on SEO, registering with blog directories, and link exchanges with other blogs, I have managed to create some loyal readers to this blog. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to explore about our journey teaching in Korea and all the blogs out there that link back to me.

According to Google Analytics, The Daily Kimchi averages 350+ daily visitors. The majority of my visitors come from the USA, South Korea, and Canada. Others come from Australia, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand, France, Ireland,...etc. The list goes on! I also get a lot of traffic from ZenKimchi Food Journal and My Korean Kitchen (two incredible sites btw).

Here are some of the top Google search queries of people stumbling upon my blog:
Some of the more interesting searches from around the world according to Google Sitemaps:
So to all the people out there reading this blog...the big question is who are you and where are you from? I'd love to find out more about who's reading this blog. Leave a comment and fill me in! If you don't want to leave a comment, that's fine too--but that's no fun. For those who comment, feel free to help yourself to some beer (you must be legal drinking age):

(picture taken inside Homever)


Anonymous said...

Who am I? - A walking disaster.

From? - England, although living in Korea.

Also a blogger, although I write for a readership of 1 (me).

Keep up the good work. Loved the taxi post.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm tahseen from Florida! I don't really comment much (I've actually only commented once before) but I thought if there's anytime to thank you for writing your blog, it's now. Umm.. Thanks! I really enjoy reading your blog, as it descibes everyday life in Korea. I started reading your blog because I was hoping to study abroad next year in Korea and I wanted to do some research. Your blog has been a huge help! I think I'll be able to better take on culture shock now, from taxi drivers with a penchant for singing to small children wielding boxcutters.

Anonymous said...

I live in the USA, Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm planning on moving to Korea to teach English by the end of the year. Your blog has been an interesting and fun read.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for the last two weeks, that's when I found you. It is very interesting. By reading your blog I have learned a lot about Korean culture and lifestyle, and I love your students.
I am female, I live in the US/California, I work with esl students too, (English/ Spanish).
I love Canada, my favorite vacation spot is Lake Louise and Banff. Canadians are the nicest people I have met.
How did I get to your blog?
I googled 'red mango', my daughter is a big fan of Pinkberry, and we were trying to see were that idea came from.
Keep up the good work!
Love all of your posts!

Anonymous said...

haha top search : buying guns? OMG! haha : )

i love seoul! can't wait to go there again! : )
oh and can you blog about jung ju hun a.k.a rain! i love him! he's so cutee! have you ever met any stars so far in korea? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a seventeen year old girl who wishes to teach English overseas. Because of your blog, I'm really leaning towards Korea!

As to where I'm from: A small, small town in California filled with cows and almonds.

nicolehong said...

hi! im a student born and raised in so-cal. im just hanging around here cause i miss korean food that you can only get in korea dearly.. boo. but i have alot of fun reading your site. =] thanks!

William Ng Photography said...

GDog's uncle in Canada keeping tab on his nephew !!!

Michael Kwan said...

Representing Vancouver, Canada :)

Anonymous said...

Gdog, I will let you know something you might love to hear.
According to my stats (mint), my readers love to visit your blog after visiting my blog.
You are my top outclick blogger. 539 clicks since January 19th.

Second is zenkimchi of course. 506

You're welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Mike from Switzerland.

I'm with this blog almost since its beginning and read 90%+ of it!

I've been to korea 7 times in the last 3 years visiting my girlfriend who lives in Mokdong! so, reading your blog is also a lot of fun for me since I have a pretty good idea of your area and know many places you go to... I gave Spongy a try because of your blog :-)

keep up the great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Reading from NJ- work for a Korean company and will be traveling there soon! Your blog has given me a hint of what to expect and thanks! Now I am certain I will be bringing granola bars- loads of granola bars- on my trip.

Gary said...

Wow, thanks to everyone for commenting, the encouragement (it keeps me going), and telling me a little bit about themselves. It's very interesting!

lu: unfortunately I have not met any stars, but on my first trip to Dongdaemun (the link is in the left sidebar) we saw a popular Korean drama being filmed. I took some pictures of a popular Korean actress, but I don't know her name.

sue: THANKS! :)

mike: that is awesome that you've been to Korea so many times, let alone Mokdong! How did you like Spongy? I love it there...so good.

Anonymous from NJ: you can find granola bars here (Costco and Homever) but the selection is limited and it's very expensive. Good idea to bring your own.

Keep the comments coming everyone!

Anonymous said...

hi gdog-
i'm from cleveland, ohio. i found your blog when i was thinking about teaching esl. i never got as far as you did, but i do enjoy reading your daily adventures as well as http://www.livingontheflipside.blogspot.com/
and of course ZenKimchi

Linda said...

Hey there,
I'm originally from Ohio, stateside, but also am currently a teacher here in Seoul. I heard of your website from a fellow teacher. He enjoyed reading of places we have yet to discover. It's great that even though we have been here for several years, you can point us to places we have yet to visit. There's always something new to explore in Seoul! Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Hi , I'm from Istanbul and visited Seoul 2 summers ago and loved the place (believe it or not there are a lot of social similarities between Turks and Koreans)
I also enjoy Korean cinema very much.

I stumbled your blog through mykoreankitchen (well there are only three Korean restaurants in 15 million populated Istanbul) and I love your posts and writing style - as opposed to the majority of your readers I read your blog not for information but only because it is very entertaining.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Sue from Malaysia. Love Korea, it's culture, people, language, pop culture and food. Got to know some great friends there as well. Been there twice on short trips. Wish I could live a life like yours in Korea but reading your blog is the next best thing! Thanks for sharing the experience! Would love to study korean there someday. ^^

Grace said...

Hi Gdog!

I'm a college student from Arizona. I found out about your blog when I was doing some searches about kimchi, and other Korean foods I love (thanks to my family's Korean friends). =) I'm hoping to go to Korea to teach english at one of those summer camps for kids in Seoul after I graduate. An acquaintance spent a summer there and had an incredible time so I'm hoping to participate. *crosses fingers* Btw, your blog is completely awesome and highly entertaining! Great pictures, too! It's nice to see that there's teachers that seem to be making the most out of their experiences and are enjoying themselves in Korea; some of the bloggers out there seem to have a negative outlook on their teaching experiences...and it doesn't make for the best reading. =/ Anyways, thanks for maintaining a great blog!


Kenneth Chu said...

Who am I? I am Canadian and i love to read blogs. But yours is the only one i read about Korea. Like you, my eyes lightup when someone mentions food :D. I have a blog at http://www.kennethchu.com. Ehhh thats about it, but thanks for posting about your experience in Korea. Its nice to hear about people's experiences in other places.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Sandra's "here in korea" blog. I'm 17 and looking to teach in Korea when I graduate from college. I love your blog so keep up with new entries!

Leo said...

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, now Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada is my home.
Found your blog through mine, glad I did.


Anonymous said...


firstly, congratulations on your blog. I really enjoy your frequent entries, they are very entertaining !

I am from Switzerland, living in a rather small town next to Zurich.

I accomplished an internship in Seoul 2 years ago and I am nowadays considering to pursue a Masters Degree in Seoul in International Studies.

Keep on blogging


Ian said...

I’m a film research student in London, specialising in boring Hollywood things, but my interest in post-democratisation era Korean cinema has brought me here to your awesome site – which provides valuable elucidation about K culture :-). I’m planning my first trip to Japan this year (*must leave grotty UK, must, must leave*), and am, but of course, hoping to come to Korea too. Shall continue reading your blog with great interest. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I'm a 19 year old girl from Portugal, and just started reading your blog recently (2-3 weeks ago).

I'm a big fan of Asian culture, and your blog really gives and interesting perspective on what it's like to be a foreigner in Korea. It's such an entertaining blog I've decided to read it from the very first post (some may call me crazy), although I do keep up with the more recent entries. A few posts a day, when I feel like procrastinating college work, and I'll get there. Also, I'm definitely starting to consider living in Korea for a year or two of my life.

That being said, please keep writing, and I will keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Another Vancouverite here! I'm 19 and I'm planning on doing a student exchange in a year or so. Absolutely love your blog and check everyday to see if you've updated!

I have a question for you - if you were to have someone bring some things from back home to Korea, what would it be? Any types of food you miss and wish you brought? Any specific brands that sell for peanuts here but are way too expensive there?


Gary said...

Linda: There is another teacher at my work that is also from Ohio! Sorry to hear about the NCAA final!

eliza b: thanks for posting comments all the time!

sue from Malaysia: I've never been to Malaysia but I've always wanted to. One day, maybe we could switch lives...like in the movies!

Grace: I have a coworker from AZ! I have visited AZ before during Christmas. I was in Phoenix and it's awesome there. I went to see a Suns game, Steve Nash is from my hometown!

Kenneth Chu: I went to high school with a Kenneth Chu. Do you have a brother?

Leo: You are hilarious dude!!

Daniel: The next time I visit Switzerland I'm going to give you a call! ;)

blazejowski: have you made any films yet?

Margarida: That is a lot of posts to have read through, thanks for doing that!

Natasha: Thanks for the comments. I would suggest for someone to bring your favorite gel, different kinds of chocolate (they have KitKat, Snickers, and Twix here) like Purdy's or Bernard, spices for cooking, such as seasoning salt or lemon pepper, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and deodorant. Maybe bring Jelly Belly jelly beans, chewing gum such as Extra or Excel, sour candy from Costco. I think that's all I would think about for now. ;)

imoet said...

Hi Gdog,
I found your blog last week and since then I enjoy reading it everytime I have little free time to sit in front of my PC. I got lots of information and also read some same experiences that made me smile or had this "aa, I know this" thought. Some also answered some questions in my head about Korean life. Really a great blog!!! My two thumbs for you.

I'm an Indonesian living in Incheon due to my husband's job. Having a small baby limited my mobility to explore more about Korea so your blog is like a window for my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you're doing with this blog. It's always entertaining and upbeat. Keep it up! It's the highlight of my day :)

annamatic said...

i think i found your blog through the Korean Blog List, but I can't remember, i've been reading it for a while! i've lived in seoul for 2 years so far - my husband got a job here at a law firm so we're on an expat package. i feel like i'm a minority because i'm not an english teacher! oh and also cuz i'm chinese american and everyone thinks i'm korean... nyc born & bred... anyway, thanks for a great, entertaining and upbeat read. keep it up!

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Hey, GDog... my girlfriend, Stephanie, pointed your site out to me about three weeks ago and since that time, I've read the whole dang thing from June of last year up to today's post. We just finished our TESOL Course and are going to start applying for schools within the next couple of weeks. We're looking at moving to Seoul in September. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to seeing some of those things in person for myself. Are you planning on staying on for another year? Perhaps we'll run into each other.
Seoul looks like a cool place, though a hell of a lot different from our home in Calgary. Go, Flames! (fingers crossed for them making the playoffs).

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! I found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it. I am Scottish (from the north east) but currently live in Nottingham, England. I run a company which helps find great teaching placements in Korea for graduates. I taught in Korea for four years myself and know how important it is for prospective teachers to get an 'insiders view' on life in Korea. I often send people your way. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Yen Nie from Malaysia, too!

Loves Korean food, but you will probably love Malaysian food, too.
Was swept over by the Hallyu. Learned more about the country by a close Korean-American friend who stayed in Malaysia for research purposes.

Am learning Korean! Kinda difficult without a partner to speak to, though.

Keep the posts coming!

Erwin said...

hey there! since you asked, it's the least we could do for spying into your daily life, everytime you update! haha...

I'm studying abroad in Hong Kong right now, but I'm originally from Chicago, and will be back there in May! sigh...

I studied abroad in Seoul at Yonsei two summers ago, and everytime I read your blog I think about all the good times I had there!

good enough that I'm planning to get certified for TEFL and be out there in September! haha...so I'll definately will be asking a ton of questions in months time!

:-D be safe!

Kenneth Chu said...

Hey gDog,

I do have a brother but he's younger than me. You went to high school with another Kenneth but guess i am the most popular one on Google (hehe). Happy Easter.


Gary said...

imoet: How do you like life in Incheon? Have you been on the new Incheon-Gimpo railway yet?

annamatic: being Chinese Canadian myself, I know exactly how you feel about people thinking you're Korean. I get the dumbest looks from people when they speak to me expecting a response!

George: Wow, you read the entire blog since June? Awesome dude! We considered staying another year but we have decided to return home after the end of our current contract. Go Canucks!

Mandy: Your Flying Cows website is awesome! I've linked to it!

yen nie: I love all Asian food...I really need to go to Malaysia! I love durian, do you like it?

Erwin: We considered HK, I've been there before and I love it. The food is just awesome. I have family there too. Have you visited Macau?

Kenneth: There are just too many Kenneth Chus in the world, but you are #1...nice work!

Anonymous said...

Please come! Durians are part of the Malaysian hospitality package!

I used to hate them, but now I crave for them. They used to tbe seasonal fruits. Now, they are available all year round.

It's VISIT MALAYSIA 2007, by the way. The government should reward me for doing this.... =D

Anonymous said...

I'm from Vancouver. I came here via a link at the Lost Nomad. All the other more popular blogs are too serious for me sometimes. I enjoy your writings on what it's really like to live in Korea.
Go Leafs!

Anonymous said...

From Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gdog... I loved Spongy, the variety is awesome! I ate way too much there :-) any other suggestions for next time?

and by the way, I like the new Homever, somehow it seems to be more organized than Carrefour...

so, we're (me and daniel) already two swiss reading this blog!

hope to come back to korea this summer...

Linda said...

Originally Ohio,USA, but I am now living and teaching in Seoul. It's nice to read your blog and come across things that I have not done yet. I've lived here 3 years, and am still finding new things to do! So wonderful!

kim said...

Representing the metro Washington, DC area here! I'm half-Korean, trying to get more in touch with that side of my heritage to figure out what I want to pass on to my toddler daughter. Love the stories you post - I haven't visited Korea since 1992 and miss it dearly!

Anonymous said...

hi..i'm nicole, 24 yrs old from NYC..i have no connections to Korea or teaching english..but i enjoy reading anyway just for fun...makes me wanna get out and explore the world and experience something new...keep up the nice work.

Anonymous said...

keep writing! I came across your blog trying to find anything about korea before my 3 month stay at Yonsei Korean Language Institute. Now that I am back to the states I am still reading! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm sabrina from Singapore. I'm currently trying to learn Korean too but i haven't mastered the language. I found your site just today and i find your blog really interesting. i have read your most recent posts to your older posts too. visit my site too! ^^
i dont blog very well, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm from Connecticut, USA. I'm living vicariously through your experiences in Korea. I AM SO ENVIOUS!

Gary said...

Keep the comments coming everyone! :)
I love hearing where you guys are from. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Gdog! My name is Brendan, and I'm from Tucson, Arizona, USA. I am planning on doing what you're doing - going to South Korea (hopefully in/around Seoul) in January of 2008 to teach English.

I looked up blogs about teaching English in South Korea, and came across your awesome blog. I've been reading it from the start (I caught on late), so it's August, and I'm only read up to April... but I'm catching up. It's been great reading and completely taken over any pleasure reading I would otherwise be doing!

Thanks for having such a thorough blog about what you're doing. You and your girlfriend's adventures have completely spurred along my excitement for going and living in Korea! Thanks again!

Gary said...

Brendan: Thanks for your insightful and kind comment! I visited Phoenix in the winter of 2005 and I had a wonderful time! Arizona is a great place to be.

My best advice for you is to remember to keep an open mind about going to Korea. Korea's culture is very unique so learn to accept it and you will have a great time! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from the Philippines. Your site is cool. I'd like to know more about Korea and their people and culture. I'm glad I've found your site. I'd like to go to Korea someday.
anyway, please write more. thanks1

Liz Remus said...

I think I came upon your site looking for Korean recipes.

I'm Liz and I am a Korean-American. My mother is full Korean and my father, an American, met her while he was in the Air Force. They married and moved to the states.

I was raised American with only a little bit of Korean tradition so now as an adult I'm trying to explore more of my Korean roots. This past summer I made a trip to Korea with my mom. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go again.

I love reading this blog. I am new to it so I love the greatest posts from 2007. It helps me to catch up.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Gdog,
I am from Melbourne Australia! I spent a year in korea not teaching but as a chef! I had a Great time with the social side but found it a little difficult with the working side. I have just found your web blogs and i am going back thru them all remembering all the good times i had! I was pretty lucky i lived and worked in Apgujeong but found the rich koreans very arrogant and rude! over all my time in Korea was amazing and i made alot of life time friends. In fact one of my korean chefs has come to Australia to work with me so i still go out and have benders on soju and korean food much to my partners dislike LOL :0))

Anonymous said...

Hey GDog,
I'm a Chinese Canadian from Vancouver. I've read some of your blog last year, but now that I've finally decided I'm going to Korea next year, this is invaluable source of info, especially now that there's 2 years worth of living in Korea.

Thanks for sharing. Love the foodie insights.

Anonymous said...

hello gdog,

this is jonah, a filipino american currently living in boston. i will be working in bahrain for a year or so but i am thinking of working in south korea, not as an ESL teacher, but as a graphic designer. i stumbled upon your blog googling everything about korean living and job opportunities. i enjoyed reading your blogs because its very casual in form but at the same time gives me useful information about korean culture and misc. things.
thank you so much. by the way, do you happen to know any good websites that can help me look for a graphic design job position [i tried that korean job.kr website, not soooo fun]? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Gdog!
i'm shek from the philippines, i love to read your blog... i learn a lot about Korea, i love to visit Korea soon...peace! Mabuhay!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gdog!
I've just found your blog today...
my hobby is to look up blogs of English Teachers in Korea who are not Korean and reading what they think of my home country.

I moved to Canada when I was 10 and I'm very comfortable with both cultures (Korean and Canadian) so it's really interesting for me. :)

I hope your teaching experience in Korea was a good one !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Malaysia. Dropped by your site via link-referral and i like your blog very much. The red mango and the KFC blogs are good.

Anonymous said...

hi im from singapore and totally enjoyed your site! =D

i will be in korea, daejeon for an exchange programme and found your website absolutely informative, from the weathers to food and fashion.
it's so convenient that i have stopped going around gathering information regarding korea once and for all the moment i chanced upon this site.

keep up the good work cos i will keep reading! =DDDDD

Unknown said...


I've been contemplating a teaching job in Korea for quite some time now. I'm applying to some jobs with mostly via recruiters, but I was expecting to get more responses back. I'm thinking it's because I'm Chinese Canadian and not Caucassian. What's your take on this? Was it harder for you to find a teaching job in Korea?

Anonymous said...

I'm a 17 year old Korean in Scotland, commenting on Christmas Day at a ridiculous hour because me and my sister stayed up late watching a Korean Drama on Mysoju. (Yeah, we're cool.)

I wish we had more Korean things here, like Red Mango, and Korean Fried Chicken... *salivates*

Cool blogging and Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

17-year old Chinese immigrant from India who currently resides in Canada, and wishes/plans to be one of those many many people who teach ESL in an asian country =]

I like your blog, will come back when older, lol.

Gabrielle said...

I'm Gabrielle from Michigan in the U.S. I'm starting college next year and I've already started teaching myself Korean and have decided to teach English as a second language. I'm extremely interested in going to Korea to teach! Thanks for your helpful posts! :)

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