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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Another Visit to Hui Lau Shan Dessert House

After dim sum I was longing for a Hui Lau Shan beverage. When my cousin told me there was one location just around the corner, I had to stop by for another visit! These drinks are irresistable and extremely addicting. Since the weather was around 24 degrees Celsius and humid...I couldn't have found a better way to cool down. Here's the storefront location:

...and here's my drink...mango juice, jelly, coconut milk, and mangoes topped with bits of pomelo:

I always carry my Canon SD400 around as it's very tiny and compact. It's for moments like these that makes it all worth while...here's an advertisement for pasta pizza that I saw. I can't remember the restaurant but it does look pretty interesting (if you know the name of this restaurant, let me know!):

Everybody loves Hello Kitty...so for all you fans out there, why not reward yourself with a toaster? Along with the various settings, there's also a cool touch exterior to boot (this was spotted inside Watson's)!


lowlight said...

Here's a tip: They're not on the menu, but you can get 'pure' drinks, without half the cup filled with jelly (which doesn't offer anything in terms of taste, and is only meant as filler to keep costs down).

Just ask for whatever you want that you know they have... Mango, strawberry, melon, cantaloupe, etc. For instance, mango slush would be 'mongoh jup' cantaloupe would be 'hah mut gwa jup' strawberry 'see jup' etc... You can also add milk or coconut milk for free. These drinks are the BEST, and they are only a bit more than the ones half filled with jelly ;)

Gary said...

Damn, you're getting me excited. These are the things I need to learn by living in Hong Kong!! Do you get your girlfriend to do the ordering or is your Cantonese pretty good by now?

Anonymous said...

those pasta are served at pizza hut.

Gary said...

anonymous: thank you, you are right!

lowlight said...

I can order all my own food if it's something I have had before. For stuff I haven't had or rarely eat, then she would have to do the ordering. Well she makes the orders anyway, because it's just easier that way. Probably a stupid idea though isn't it!

Gary said...

Actually I can relate...because in Korea everyone thinks I'm Korean so they just immediately look to me for ordering instead of my girlfriend. I end up pointing to something on the menu or speaking some random Korean. But when it comes to eating I can get by...anything else is a different matter though!

beth7171 said...

I'm going to Hong Kong for a holiday in a few weeks time and was wondering are the menus all in Cantonese? or in English as well? And is the dessert house east to find?

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