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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Eating Dinner in Tai Kwok Tsui, Hong Kong

Well, another day and another food post, as promised. This is the second post of a mini series of Hong Kong related food posts. The question remains...how much food can you eat in three days in Hong Kong? The answer: TONNES! I think my body has gone into relapse due to the stoppage of food intake after arriving back in South Korea. Let's take a look at what I ate for dinner on Saturday night.

You see this table setting? Little did it know it was going to have one of the biggest workouts in a looong time coming...as my students like to say in South Korea, "ahhhhhhh saaaah!!!!" (it means awesome)

First up, a mixed vegetable and tofu dish. Man, if only you could see the smile on my face after finally eating a real Chinese stir fry in such a long time...

The second dish was a beef stif fry with some zucchini and mushrooms...

I had roast duck noodle soup for my afternoon tea "snack"...and for dinner, we had roast goose...yes, roast goose. It tasted just like duck but the meat tasted juicier and sweeter:

Another stir fry dish, this one had snow peas and I can't remember what the meat component was...I was too busy eating:

There always has to be lots of vegetables for dinner. Here we have some greens, similar to watercress served in a hot pot...the bowl reminded me of a "dol sot" in South Korea:

Now this was the watercress dish stir fried with pickled tofu:

I brought both of my cameras on my 3 day rendezvous...here's a video of the the busy kitchen:

Now, if you have a friendly relationship with the restaurant management you will most likely always end up getting complimentary dessert. Normally it's red bean dessert soup or some other kind of hot dessert soup. We had our choices and I went with the PUMPKIN dessert soup...now this was a first for me. It tasted like sweet potato soup instead:

I was pretty content after this dinner. However, I was saving myself for the real reason why I love Hong Kong so much--Hui Lau Shan dessert chains (known as Creations Dessert in the USA). That post will be coming in the morning...until then, goodnight!


Anonymous said...

My mom makes pumpkin soup some times. The goose looks crispy, very good.

Lazy Cook Easy Recipes said...

Hey Gary, would you tell me the agency you bought you air-tickets? Cheers!

lowlight said...

Damn, I was gonna say next time you're in town let me know, and I'll take you out for roast goose! A lot of places are serving this now, instead of duck. Unfortunately, my favourite restaurant closed down.. they had the best roast goose :(

annamatic said...

hi -- hey i'm in Hong Kong right now, in Yau Ma Dei, Kowloon... yeah, definitely been stuffing myself silly what with all the yum-ming cha (how's that for chinglish) with various family members. what a delicious city. must remember to smuggle some laap cheung on the plane on the way back... looks like you had an equally yummy time while here.

Gary said...

sandra: I've never tried pumpkin soup before. Can you ask your mom to send me over a batch? ;)

Catherine: I booked my flight online via Cathay Pacific. It's the only way to fly to Hong Kong in my opinion!!

Carl: It was weird because I have never had goose before. Now I can see why it's the latest food fad in Hong Kong. Hopefully we will meet up next time!

annamatic: Thanks for leaving a message on the blog! Tell me about it. When you have family members that haven't seen you in a long time it is customary for them to feed you senseless. Good luck with the lapp cheung mission, I haven't had lapp cheung in a long time!

Anonymous said...

wow, looks so yummy! if you had seafood as well, it should have been perfect :D

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