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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Hot Pot in Korea: Shabu Shabu in Hongdae

Have you had shabu shabu before? It's the Japanese hot pot experience that is thriving in Korea. I think of it as Chinese hot pot, where you throw various meat and vegetables into boiling/simmering broth to cook. By the end of it, the broth is full of flavor from the ingredients.

This shabu shabu experience took place in Hongdae last week. For 9000w each ($10US) four of us had a huge plate of thinly sliced beef and vegetables to cook. The price also included a cabbage coleslaw appetizer and iced green tea (very refreshing) was included too. Let's stop talking and move onto the food!

This restaurant had a relaxing atmosphere with each table having a burner placed in the middle:

Here is our appetizer, pretty tasty and well proportioned with the right amount of dressing:

Here's the massive plate of meat and vegetables I was talking about. There's something here for everyone. The beef was thinly sliced like how it is prepared for Vietnamese pho noodle soup. Now, because I was so hungry and eating away, I totally forgot to take a picture of the cooked food in my bowl. You know that's a good sign when Gdog is distracted from taking pictures of his own food.

After we consumed everything, there was more to come. You get a choice of noodles or rice as a finisher to your meal. We opted for the rice or option and here the server came back with a plate full of rice, seaweed, a raw egg all on a plate. This was dumped into our pot of remaining broth and stirred up quickly to cook. Watch out, because some of the guys are a bit aggressive when stirring and rice went flying everywhere--awesome!

The end result..."jook" in Korean (it's the same in Cantonese) or congee to some. This was an awesome way to finish our meal. We couldn't even finish it all. What a concept huh? Another meal to end a meal...

This restaurant (if my pronunciation is correct, called "toh-rom") we went to was located in Hongdae, about 50 meters to the left of California Sushi. For the price, quality of ingredients, and the feeling of having a tasty, healthy, and satisfying meal, we will be going back for more (or you can experience hot pot delivery)!


Anonymous said...

This dish is Mongolian in origin.

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