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Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Hyundai Tuscany in Korea

When the Hyundai Tiburon sports coupe debuted in late 1996, it caught the attention of others around the world including myself. Although the design was sleek at the time, I never considered owning one (I was a die hard Honda fan--I have previously driven a '94 Acura Integra RS, '95 Acura Integra GS-R, and '98 Acura 1.6EL). It was the "it's still a Hyundai" mentality that some import car enthusiasts had. However, times have changed and Hyundai is now one of the leading car manufactures in the world.

For those who are not already aware, the Hyundai Tiburon goes by the name of the Hyundai Tuscany here in South Korea, and the Hyunda Coupe in other worldwide markets. What does a Hyundai Tuscany look like? It looks the same as the Tiburon in North America. Here are a couple pictures of the Tuscany, if you are not already aware of what one looks like:

The 2007 Tiburon:

Were you ever into the import car scene (or currently still an avid fan)? What kind of car do you drive? It is...a Hyundai?


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog, particularly your post about the Tiburon, and wanted to comment. :) Yep, I drive a Hyundai. I think they're the best cars for your money. They are far better than american cars, similar in features to european cars but loads cheaper, and are quite comparable to other asian cars (which I hold as the best in the world). I have an Elantra, and I love it. Prior to that I had a Kia Optima, which I also loved but ended up selling back to it's original owner lol. I am blown away by the Vera Cruz, and next the Genesis. :) It seems that the "but it's a Hyundai" thought process is rapidly fading away, and with good reason. What are your thoughts?
~cahrichak on www.hyundai-forums.com

Leo said...

I have a Mustang GT 4.6L V8, my dad a Chrysler 300 C 5.7L V8. I think we're from the Beefy Muscle Car Clan of China or something.
We've never liked imports unless their from Germany.
There's no replacement for displacement! ;)

Anonymous said...

We have a 2004 Mazda 6 and we love it, has nice speed (but governed at 120 mph), enough power, but still roomy enough for an infant's car seat.

daeguowl said...

I drive a Kia Carens (in the UK) which I bought primarily cos I could get a family estate relatively cheaply. It's pretty noisy but apart from that it is a decent enough car for the price and it's done some serious damage to two cars that have rearended (neither my fault) me with nary a scratch to itself. I'd certainly drive one again.

Gary said...

cahrichak: thanks for visiting the blog! I have a friend back home who is a huge Hyundai fan, as he had a modified 3rd Gen Tiburon. I have to admit that things sure have changed and Hyundais are definitely a good ban for the buck. I will try to check out your forums.

Leo: your next movie part should be in The Fast and The Furious: Richmond. Man, you and your father are a rare breed owning those domestic muscle cars. Buy a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla already!

Sandra: My dad bought a Mazda3 when they first came out and he loves it too. A lot of features for the money and very reliable. I've always like the design of the Mazda6.

daeguowl: haha, so in other words your Hyundai is built like a tank. Good to hear!

Michael Kwan said...

I'm a Honda fan. I currently drive an Integra and my gf has a Honda Fit. Although I find that Korean products (cell phones, televisions, and even cars) are moving on up -- they say that Kia is the one of the world's fastest growing automakers -- I just can't convince myself to drive a Hyundai. I do have a Samsung cell phone though.

hirocakep said...

I like to watch the movie the Fast and the Furious too. My first car was Mazda Roadstar(Miata in USA). It was full open two seater. Very Good car but too difficult to go skiing. hahaha. Next VW Golf, then Lancia Dedra. I really liked my Dedra. I felt Italian KENCHANAYO spirit from it. :D. I kept it in Japan eventhough I was in India for 2 years. But difficult to keep it without driving so I sold it to my friend he also like Lancia before came to Korea. In korea too expensive to buy a car so i don't have a car now. I prefer taxi. Next year I'm going back to Japan so that plan to buy a car. Porsche? BMW? or Benz? No, I'm sure I will buy used cheap car because I will be dispatch abroad again in a year :p

William Ng Photography said...

..well..I had '81 Tercel (beige) (my first car, excellent vehicle to drive around town or go sking. I paid $5500 and got $3500 for it in 1990).

My '90 Integra GS (white) was fun too (gets me to/from work, go on long road trips)

'99 Miata (metalic black) was a thrill to drive before my wife and I decided to have children..I had a tan on my face year round

'94 530i and '99 A6 - (both black) perfect family car with 2 kids...solid like a tank..and the big comfy seat is perfect for my not-so-fit body.

...our next vehicle is probably a mini van.......

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