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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

More Campus Couples in Korea

Who likes bird watching? I've never tried it but I know Jon Allen is a big fan. Anyways, another form of bird watching is catching a glimpse of "campus couples" in Korea. On our day off yesterday we hit the bonanza by spotting two couples. I just find it very interesting and it's a thrill to snap a picture if I can get the chance. Here are the follow couples for your viewing pleasure:

These two were spotted near the Express Bus Terminal station...

These couples were in Myeongdong. You know you've been shopping in Myeongdong for too long when you're tired of fighting people and all the pushing involved. However, I have some strategies that work just fine...hehehe:

Hood on, hood off...

...and finally, we have our last couple. Look carefully, and tell me what you see...


Anonymous said...

Hmm the last picture - I see a kid in that man's jacket ahha - the little feet hanging out.
But that "man" sort of looks like a lady too w/ the little bun at the back of his head.. unless that was from behind him/her hahaha!

Gary said...

Gee, you respond fast ;)--yes, you are correct...the little feet were a dead giveaway. I hope that child can breathe under there!

daeguowl said...

At first glance he looks like a well-endowed chap just about to flash some unsuspecting school girl.

hirocakep said...

Your blog always make me laugh. Thank you. :D

About last foto I sometimes got in trouble with Korean AJUMA because I didn't cover my baby perfectly. You know it was fine weather and my baby doesn't like wear a lot so purposely I did. But they complained me "ANDE! ANDE!"

They believe baby will get heavy sick if he/she feel cold. Only 30 years ago they were poor. They couldn't eat enouch foods, couldn't buy enough clothes so many babies died. They don't want to be again to their babies. It was their tenderness I know.. but sometimes noisy :p

imoet said...

Very common view here, especially during winter. I am also wondering how those babies manage to breathe! My baby would scream in a second I put him into my jacket :p

Anonymous said...

i love the couple fashion posts!
have you seen any couples wearing these shirts around seoul?


i love them! i'm going to have to load up on them my next trip back! keheheh :D

hirocakep said...

I was looking for some words about Korean then found your link. Do you know your blog was introduced by wikipedia? just information.


Unknown said...


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Also if you want to give a comment about this phenomenon, let me know.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

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