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Thursday, 24 May 2007

My Cafe de Coral Experience in Hong Kong

Today we had a day off from work because it's BUDDHA'S BIRTHDAY! To celebrate I am going to tell you more about the food I ate in Hong Kong (oh boy!)...excited yet?

This will be last of my afternoon tea "snack" posts about my recent trip to Hong Kong. Anyways, the purpose of trip was for a job interview. Who knows where we will end up once our contract is finished in Korea. Anyways, after the interview I met my aunt at Cafe de Coral, a large Hong Kong cafe chain. I'll talk a little more about them later. So...after an interview, one's brain gets a little fried. I wasn't hungry but I ate anyways (who am I kidding, I'm ALWAYS hungry). What did I eat?

Prior to making a decision on what to eat, I was informed that my mom's friend was going to take us out to dinner later in the day. So I had to order accordingly to leave room for dinner. I ordered a pork chop sandwich on a Portuguese bun and an iced "yeen yeung", or a coffee/tea mix. This sandwich was good, but the BEST pork chop sandwiches are in Macau. The last time I was there I ate these everyday!

My thirst-quenching "yeen yeung"...these drinks are always good, I've never had a bad one:

We ate at Cafe de Coral, which is currently part of a promotion offered by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in Hong Kong. If you complete your morning trip before 8:30am five days a week, you can get a free breakfast from Cafe de Coral. Now that's a pretty neat idea to get commuters to get an early start on their trips to avoid the rush hour, don't you agree? Here's the poster that you'll see plastered all over the subway stations (I forgot to snap a picture, this the only one I could find):

Here's the other half of the picture...just to get a real sense of the "8" formed by steamed buns:

Of course, after returning back to my aunt's pad the eating didn't stop there. We bought some fresh mangosteens earlier and now it was time to eat them too!

This was my first time eating fresh mangosteens, and boy do they ever taste better than previously frozen ones! Eating mangosteens is supposed to cause a "cooling" effect to counteract the "heating" effect from eating durian. It's all part of eating a well balanced diet. In Cantonese, I would always get the "yeet hay" lecture from my parents if I was eating too many greasy, or "hot" foods. Ask a Chinese friend and get them to explain it to you!

Watch out when you are opening these things because the juice from the outer shell is like red dye...and can stain your clothes:

The next post will be about my final dinner in Hong Kong. Stay tuned. Since we're on a fruit theme, does anyone else out there love mangosteens?

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Anonymous said...

I've eaten mangosteens before but I don't remember what they taste like... maybe the next time I go to T&T I'll pick one up.
Yeaaa Yeet Hay... nobody can ever explain it right so I still don't get it!

Mrs J said...

i don't think i've ever seen a mangosteen before. they look...interesting... :-P can they be found somewhere other than hong kong? can you liken the taste to any other fruit?

btw, i love seeing all the food pictures in your blog. i'm a lover of asian food (i'm korean) and i've been lurking for a few months now. i must say, every time i see those pictures, i just want to eat eat eat!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gdog,

Mangosteens are sooo good. I agree with you, there are nothing better then fresh mangosteens! My sisters and I love eating them. The first time we tried mangosteens, when we went to HK and Vietnam. I miss HK.

Your friendly neighbor from the northwest!

imoet said...

oh yes I love mangosteens!!!!!
Reading ur story reminds me of my childhood back in Indonesia.
Before eating mangosteens, Indonesian children usually make a bet of how many seed it would have inside. It was fun :p.
Too bad i've never spotted any mangosteens here in Korea. Or even if there's one, i'm afraid to look at the price tag haha

Gary said...

Natasha: yes, the yeet hay phenomenon will remain a mystery for years to come, hehe. Just remember to drink lots of grandma's homemade soup. ;)

Mrs. J: mangosteens are a tropical fruit found in any tropical country. They are in Korea, but they are in the frozen aisle and very expensive. The taste is almost like a lychee but more tart in a way. It's hard to describe! Isn't it fun to post comments and "un-lurk"? (is that a word?) I think everybody should follow your footsteps and leave a comment! :)

Northwest neighbor: Yup, HK food definitely rocks. I also miss eating fresh Vietnamese cuisine too. Pho Hoa here just doesn't cut it!

imoet: that sounds like a fun "eating" game! Mangosteens can be found in the freezer section at Homever...a bit expensive, and the taste definitely would not be the same!

Marianas Eye said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm living and working south of you, on the beautiful tropical island of Saipan. We get lot's of tourists from Korea every day, as we're only 4 hours from Seoul with Asiana.

Your readers may find my blog useful as a source of information on Saipan -- life, eating, hiking, working, playing, and vacationing. I'm an eye surgeon, so there are also occasional gory eye pictures on the site too. (Gotta keep things exciting!)

A few of the teachers that are here came via teaching in Korea!

Great job, and hope to see you here someday.


EJ said...

oooo... .mangosteens. I immediately started drooling when I saw the picture. Love those things. Hope you ate alot!

Erwin said...

yum! Cafe de Coral is definately the best HK fast food chains over there!!! Everything is soooo freaking good! hahaha...

...and I too had pork chop sandwiches nonstop in Macau! hahaha...but even worse was eating the egg tarts with it! :-D

Gary said...

codexgirl: I ate them with my aunt, but obviously she kept on feeding me--so I kept on eating!

erwin: dude, we have some identical food thoughts, because I also ate pork chop sandwiches 24/7 in Macau...and those egg tarts...holy damn!

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