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Friday, 11 May 2007

One of the Best Dessert Places in Hong Kong

Welcome back to another post from my weekend getaway to Hong Kong. I should start calling these entries "food diaries" because all I'm doing is boasting about the tasty and enjoyable meals one can expect in Hong Kong.

After my dinner in Tai Kwok Tsui, we made our way back to Olympian City mall for dessert at one of the best dessert places in Hong Kong: Hui Lau Shan. Now, if you're a fruit lover this dessert house serves up some of the freshest and tantalizing desserts that will ever touch your lips. It's one of the major reasons why I enjoy visiting Hong Kong and why in 2004, I visited Hui Lau Shan locations at least once a day.

Hui Lau Shan specializes in Asian-themed fruit desserts and drinks that are both healthy and delicious. Such region specific dessets include "Mango cubes and sago in mango juice" and "Crystal snow and bird's nest with house special ice cream". There is an emphasis on the use of fresh mangoes in many of their desserts. My favorite is their mango, coconut milk, tapioca and jelly drink topped with pomelo in mango juice. Let's take a look at what Hui Lau Shan is all about!

Here's the entrance to Hui Lau Shan at Olympian City mall. There's no English signage so you'll have to just familiarize yourself with the characters and the design of the place.

Once you're seated, you'll find menus on the table and a catalogue of specials. Hau Lau Shan locations are usually pretty busy. If you need a table, typically the workers will usher others that are finished out of the place to free up seats.

Desserts at Hui Lau Shan need to be tackled with a fork and spoon. Maybe they should invest in sporks!

Here's what I had: a scoop of mango ice cream in mango juice, coconut milk, chunks of ripe mango, and topped with shredded pomelo bits. I could seriously have 10 of these--it would be worth the punishment I would possibly endure afterwards if you know what I'm saying:

My cousin Jackie had this concoction...mango chunks in mango juice with mango ice cream and glutinous rice balls--now that's a lot of mango:

My aunt had this bowl of mangoes in mango juice, with some kiwi and a strawberry to top it all off. I am not sure what's under the mango...any guesses??

My other cousin had this little mango trio to share with his wife. That orange looking ball is a rice cake that is covered in bits of dried coconut. The other ingredients I am sure you can make out...mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. Did I say mangoes? Mangoes. Mangoes. Mangoes. Okay, I'll stop. Mangoes--gotcha! Mangoes.

That's my Hui Lau Shan rant for ya. What do you think so far? Definitely mark this place as one of the spots to visit when you're in Hong Kong. Next up, expect to see food, food, and more food. How much can I eat in only three days? You'll have to come back to find out!!


Grace said...

YAY!!! Thanks for putting up these food diaries! They're certainly a nice distraction from studying for my final exams =)

Gary said...

You're welcome. What are you studying for?

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