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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Stephen Colbert's Reign as the King of K-Pop

By now you've probably seen the video of Stephen Colbert's parody video of Korean pop superstar Rain's "Way to Avoid the Sun" on the internet. In a nutshell, Stephen Colbert was peeved that Rain beat him out for the top spot as the "number one most influential" person in the world, as voted by readers. For those who haven't seen the video, watch Rain's video first...(thanks ZenKimchi for the link) then watch the Colbert clip:

Here is Stephen Colbert all pimped out and singing in KOREAN! It's hilarious...my favorite part is the throwing of TIME magazine through the window:

Obviously this has created a buzz in the Korean blogosphere. Check out reaction from netizens and Rain's reaction to the video. ZenKimchi gives a visual explanation of Colbert's token line to Rain, "I’m gonna be all over you like egg on a bowl of bibimbap!" If I was home right now, I would probably be puzzled as to what that meant. You can see the video on many blogs out there. This is my contribution of the Stephen Colbert-Rain saga. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

But.. Rain's name isn't Jong Il... it's Jung Ji Hoon
He's pretty amusing nonetheless

ZenKimchi said...

He's making fun of how the talking heads twist people's names around to fit their agenda. And also, he pokes fun at how little Americans know of Korean culture--by attaching anything Korean and bad to Kim Jong Il, and the line in the song, "What else is Korean?"

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HIM!!!! Stephen colbert that is. I love kpop, but I just can't like Rain's music. And I think that it is true that americans only think of North Korea. Anytime I say I like Korean music, or would like to go to Korea one day, I always get the same reaction. "WHAT?!?! Wait, which Korea? WHY????" sigh...I wish people here in the U.S. would learn more about the world outside of the states.

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