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Monday, 25 June 2007

Christina Aguilera: Live in Seoul and Speaking Korean!

Remember a while back when I first posted about Christina Aguilera coming to Seoul? Well, her concert took place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. We decided to head down to Olympic Park to check out the concert last night! We did not have tickets booked in advanced and were hoping to buy tickets either at the door or from scalpers.

Upon arriving to Olympic Park (we got mixed up and first go off Line 2 at the Sports Complex Station) which is located in Jamsil (remember Lotteworld?) we started our walk into the park. However, there was problem--we didn't see a stadium! So we asked a fellow nearby on a scooter if he knew where the stadium was. He told us to wait a moment in Korean (cham-see-mahn-yo) and got his English speaking friend (there was a group of them on scooters) to help us. She told us they were heading to the concert too and that it was just on the other side of the park. We thanked them for their help but 30 seconds later...

...we hear them pull up beside us, and ask if we wanted a ride to the stadium! Devante and I looked at each other, nodded and hopped onto the back of their scooters for a free ride (through the park I might add)! Check it out:

Too bad our ride through the park was cut short due to this guy--the ajashi security guard (on a bicycle I might add)! He stopped us from cutting through the park and made us ride on a secondary route inside--the sidewalk!

We thought the concert was sold out, but since it was the second night of the concert which was on a Sunday, there were surprisingly still many seats available. We got to Olympic Park at 8pm and didn't enter the stadium until 8:05pm...the concert still had not started! Here's a picture of the stage before the concert started:

Around 8:15pm, Christina made her debut on stage and every went nuts. Check it out for yourself:

Here's my best video of the night, Christina's single from Back to Basics, "Ain't No Other Man" (yes, I know...no cameras allowed. There was a anti-camera dude actually doing his job during this concert, walking up and down the aisles):

For all you Christina lovers out there, he's a cropped shot of her...she is reportedly pregnant and during the videos I posted, you can spot a little baby bump on her:

Another costume change...

At least Christina is somewhat sane and hasn't pulled a "Britney" yet:

More video love..."What a Girl Wants"...

Here she is getting dirrrrrrttyyyyyy:

The concert ended just before 10pm. Afterwards, we noticed one of the dancers had made his way onto the floor. Immediately, he got mobbed and people started whipping out cameras from left, right, and center:

Here's a small clip of his new entourage following him:

The concert was actually really good--Christina Aguilera can definitely sing live. She sounded just like the songs on her CDs. The setup for the concert was extremely elaborate and well orchestrated. The best part of the night is when she tried to SPEAK KOREAN! She said "kam-sum-needa Seoul!" twice--the first time she belted that out everybody in the stadium went absolutely insane. It was a funny attempt to connect with her audience!

Have you seen Christina Aguilera live before (Michael from Beyond the Rhetoric has a review of her Vancouver concert from March)? What's your take on her?


wheatgerm said...

seoul must be crazy for her

Gary said...

She did two shows in back to back nights and she still sounded great. During the intro of "Beautiful" she was CRYING! She was getting emotional over something...maybe it's her pregnancy, who knows. ;)

Leo said...

I absolutely love Xtina. I wish she would move to Vancouver so I can stalk her ;)

annamatic said...

I like her, she seems like one of the smarter pop singers...
BTW, what seats were you in and did you have a good view? I just bought tix to the Black Eyed Peas in August and it's also at Olympic Park -- but I'm not sure if the seats are good or not.

Anonymous said...

great footage! thanks for sharing, i love christina...saw her here in new york during the 'stripped' tour with j. timberlake...amazing

i was curious about the pregnancy and her perfomance but i think she's handling both very well at this point..

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