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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Dining at Jackie's Kitchen in Seoul with Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the king of comedic action movies. I watched his movies growing up as a kid, in particular the original Police Story. I remember watching it when I was younger and being unable to control my laughter when Jackie turned to using pencils to eat a bowl of noodles. That memory has stuck inside my head and it led me to experience dining at Jackie's restaurant chain, Jackie's Kitchen.

The sixth location in Seoul just recently had a "grand open", conveniently right by us in Mokdong located in the CBS Building, along with ColdStone and VIPS. I have heard mixed reviews about the food quality and prices at Jackie's Kitchen in Seoul. So of course, we ventured out on the weekend and had to try it out for ourselves. Since I had just returned from a quick "food vacation" in Hong Kong, my palate definitely had high expectations for dim sum! Let's take a look at our experience at Jackie's Kitchen in Seoul.

We entered the restaurant through the CBS Building after making a quick stop to an ATM. They like to call grand openings "grand open" here:

The restaurant's interior was nicely decorated and very clean. Hey, you gotta impress people when you have your "grand open" ya know (FYI, I did not wash my cup and bowl)

Jackie's Kitchen has dim sum, where you can order individual dishes along with their regular menu. After checking out the prices on their regular menu, we opted to try out a few dim sum dishes instead. Jackie's Kitchen is expensive here!

Here is sampling of their dinner course sets...the prices you see are per person...

We ordered five dishes, ranging from har gow to shui mai to egg rolls. Gee, don't these pictures remind you of my trip to Hong Kong? It's like deja vu all over again!

They also have "live seafood"...which is super duper expensive. I only spotted three or four lobsters in the tank. Regardless of the price, the middle and upper class residents of Mokdong have lots of money to spend!

Let's see...what's the verdict on Jackie's Kitchen? Well, for starters the dim sum did not taste very fresh. The pieces of dim sum would fall apart the moment we picked them up with our chopsticks, an indication that they were previously frozen. I guess that's the only way Jackie's Kitchen can supply mass quantities of dim sum to all its worldwide locations and get some sort of consistency going on. I am not a big fan of frozen dim sum...it's like eating a previously frozen hamburger that has been steamed back to life--it's not going to be tasty.

Want to try something fun? Ask your waiter/waitress "Where's Jackie?" and wait the confused look on their faces--it's priceless! I asked our waiter and his response was "who?"...I was like "Jackie Chan"...he had a small chuckle, the "I'm going to get the chef to add special sauce to your meal" chuckle. Whoops!

If you're interested in visiting a Jackie's Kitchen near you, you can visit this location in Mokdong. Take exit 2 from Omokgyo station. I also know of two other locations in COEX. You can check their website for more info. Have you had a "Jackie's Kitchen" experience before? How was it? What's your favorite Jackie Chan movie?


hirocakep said...

I've tried this restaurant once in itewon then disappointed. It's too difficult to find delicious original own countries foods with cheap price in Korea. I wanna eat original Italian pizza baked using stone pot but still cannot find. Anyway in Korean it's the best to eat Korean foods, delicious and cheap :)

annamatic said...

oh... i tried the one in COEX once... it was okay, but then again that was the first ha gow I had treated myself to in like 6 months, so I was kind of desparate at that point. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go right after a trip to Hong Kong... :)

Gary said...

Yeah, the experience was a little bit of a let down, but I can now say I dined at JACKIE'S KITCHEN! I am going to stick to nothing but BBQ!

annamatic: haha...yes, HK did ruin the experience. After dining in one of the food meccas of the world, nothing else compares!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we have Jackie's Kitchen in Melbourne ( Australia ) aswell! It's about a block away from where I work in the CBD and I got there about twice a month for yum cha! Food and deco is great. And cos it's slightly away from the main established yum cha places, parking is easy to find.

Gary said...

brilliances: Cool! I've never been to Australia before but it's always been one of the places I've wanted to go to. Glad to see you are enjoying Jackie's Kitchen!!

Helena said...

Holy cow, that's spendy!

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