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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Freaky Movie Advertising in Korea

Here's a quick update for everyone, as I'm now at work and I just finished my last batch of progress reports for three out of five classes. Tonight we're moving into another hotel, which most likely won't be as nice as the room we had at the Best Western Niagara. Just when you thought I'd stop posting, guess again. It's called procrastination, baby!

On Saturday when we were in Gangnam, we saw some girls walking down the street in bright pink colored dresses. No big deal right? Well, that was until I caught a glimpse of their faces! They had fake blood streaming down their faces, while they were handing out pamphlets to promote a new Korean movie, called Siamese Twins (I think that's the title).

Here's the movie poster on the side of a truck that was parked nearby:

At first they were walking around handing out fake tattoos and flyers to people walking by...trying to keep a serious pose:

Eventually they were joined by two others and they parked themselves on a bench. I said a big "HELLO" to them and made them crack...haha!

Apparently this is a horror movie...has anyone seen it? I want to watch Die Hard 4 and Ratatouille. I'll probably see both movies when I get home!


Anonymous said...

So is the get together in your honor still on? If it is, have you decided on a location and some directions (aka a map) would be great for us out of town folk. Also, a time would be useful, especially as come Monday morning, I'll be going in quite early as it is our Summer vacation schedule.

Anonymous said...

I dunno if I'd be too eager to take anything those two were handing out :P. The movie looks like a good time haha. Cool site btw

Anonymous said...

wow that advertising is quite freaky. i was wondering how it was like on your first day in korea. were you with another friend that is korean or are you korean yourself? it sure seems like you had a nice time in korea. i was hoping to visit korea in the future, as im half korean. but since i dont know much about my culture would it be wise to take another korean along with me or would i make 2 weeks out fine? lol sorry for so many questions. btw, thank you for posting about your personal experiences in korea as they have helped me a looot ;).

Aaron said...

Those girls' eyes are bleeding because they just spent all day reading Korean blogs.

Good to meet you today in Yeouido. Best of luck with the next adventure.

Ian said...

Absolutely priceless. :-) These local marketing strategies are just too precious not to comment on! It wouldn't convince me to see the movie, but that said we don't see that kind of marketing activity in the UK anymore, not even in Leicester Square, the heart of London .... so this Siamese Twins gig makes me kind of nostalgic. :-)

(That said the marketing agency responsible for getting those girls out onto the street would probably be shut down by our conservative gentry. There'd be .... let's say, a lack of public appreciation for their efforts!)

Btw, I'm going on what the imdb and 24framespersecond tell me here, but it looks to be a Thai horror film called 'Alone'... and the synopsis reads like just another articulation of the avenging ghost tradition: you know, dead Siamese twin returns to exact revenge ("we promised to stay together" etc), or maybe not, revealing deep socio-cultural tensions between Thailand and Korea. Reminds me of The Eye for several reasons .... At any rate, thanks for sharing the pictures!

Gary said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Anonymous: my first day in Korea was spent with my girlfriend, but we had some of the Korean staff from work help us out with getting started. I think you should be okay by yourself. If you ask someone for help, usually they will help you.

aaron: nice to have met you...and yes, the number of Korean blogs keep growing exponentially, but most of them get abandoned eventually! Hopefully I'll keep this going.

Blakejowski: thanks for the comments, and yes, this promotion definitely caught my attention!

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Ratatouille is effing brilliant! Check it out when you get home :)

Anonymous said...

You'll keep it going. Only now it will be called "A Day in the Life of Gdog as the quest continues to taste all the best food the world has to offer."

Take care (or is it "take good care?".

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