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Thursday, 26 July 2007

I'm Home: Eating Vietnamese Subs at 4AM

Alrighty so we've made it home now after a 10 hour flight from Incheon to Vancouver, followed up by a 15 minute flight from Vancouver to Victoria! We took the Airport Limosine near Mokdong Station for 7500w ($7.50US) each to Incheon International Airport. We had four huge bags, along with a small bag and backpack. I will explain all about our trip to the airport and our flight in the next few days.

Yesterday when we arrived back in Canada, it was a really weird feeling! We both could not believe that we were back home. It was really nice to take in deep breaths of fresh air! You learn to appreciate the quality of life back home once you've lived abroad. I will make follow up posts about adjusting to life back home after living in Seoul for a year!

Anyways, last night I tried hard to stay awake for as long as possible before falling asleep. I made it to 10pm, but Devante passed out around 8pm. I woke up today at 4am (thanks jet lag) after rolling around in bed for an hour. Hmmm...what do you think I did when I got up today? That's right, I did what what I do best--eat, eat, and eat!

We stopped by Pho Asia in Richmond to pick up a bag full of Vietnamese subs before going home. If you haven't had Vietnamese subs before, they are some of the tastiest sandwiches you'll ever eat. However, there is a downside: they stink pretty bad so I feel sorry for the people on our short 15 minute flight to Victoria who had to side around us--haha!

This maybe one of the weirdest breakfast combinations I've ever had. This sandwich gave me the energy to wake up. There's one more in the fridge that belongs to Devante but I'm tempted to eat it too! I watched a really interesting infomercial on the incredible Little Giant Ladder while eating this sub. Does anyone else want to go halfers on a ladder? It can be yours for only four easy payments of $89.99! Long live infomercials on early morning TV!

Next up, I had a bowl of Island Farms Strawberry Flavored 2% yogurt with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. I really have missed eating berries...oh baby and is my stomach happy to be home!

Thanks for continuing to read my blog everybody. I'm yawning as I'm typing this...once I get back to a regular schedule I will continue to post the rest of my Korea stories (including extracting a free salad from the kid sitting in front of me on the plane) and pictures, along with advice on living and teaching English in Korea. Until next time...I think I'm going back to bed! ZZZzzzz...


Anonymous said...

Gdog- good to know that you and D have arrived safely. Just want to drop a thank you note for your continuing effort with blogging. It really is nice to follow your adventure vicariously.

Leo said...

Welcome home!

eliza bennet said...

Good to learn that you have arrived home safely. And I agree with "anonymous" above that it is nice to follow your adventure :)

Gdog said...

Anonymous: Thanks for commenting! As long as you guys keep reading I will keep on posting. :)

Leo: Thanks dude!

Eliza: I have some funny stories coming your way!

Anonymous said...

ahh. welcome home. i haven't been to korea in 2 years. when a former student told me she was going to korea for the summer, i started to feel so jealous.

i really want to go back, but i'm sad. i can't see it happening for nearly 5 years. sniff.

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