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Monday, 16 July 2007

Mexican Food in Korea: Dos Tacos in Gangnam

What did you do on Saturday? Did you eat Mexican food by any chance? Well, regardless of what your answers are to these questions, on Saturday we experienced some of the finest Mexican cuisine in Seoul. We met up with a friend in Gangnam (Kangnam) for lunch at Dos Tacos. What you are going to read might shock you (or not), so be prepared.

Anyways, the last time we tried Mexican food in Korea it wasn't very good. Taco Amigo in Itaewon was much better, but still it did not rock my socks off. So this time around one of our friends has lived in Gangnam for the past few years led us to a spot that was tucked away, called Dos Tacos. We went there for lunch and had a nice seat on the patio. There was actually blue sky in Seoul! Yahoo! Let's take a look at lunch, shall we?

Dos Tacos is not a large restaurant--there are two patio tables outside and seating for 25-30 people inside. They also do take out:

You have to try the lemonade here--it was sparkling and very refreshing. Also, all drinks include free self-serve refills, Costco style:

Dos Tacos was pretty packed on this Saturday but our food came relatively quick. Here is my Chili Burrito (9000w; $9USD). It was jam packed full of beef, cheese, black olives, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, avocado, CILANTRO (which is hard to come by here), baked beans, and rice (I might have forgotten something--oh oh sour cream!). Devante ordered the Meat and Avocado Burrito--I didn't take a picture of her burrito because I was so excited over mine. These burritos were extremely tasty and satisfying, even better than the Mexican we get served at home!

Here is the inside of Dos Tacos...there is bar seating and tables as well. This picture was taken about seven hours later...why you ask?

...because the food was so good, we went back for dinner! Okay, before you call us crazy...please understand that I am not a foodaholic or anything (okay, maybe just a little). We had to do some shopping in Gangnam, we also visited our friend's apartment nearby, and were expecting to meet another friend in Gangnam later in the evening. The trek to Gangnam from Mokdong takes about 45 minutes by subway, so our rationale was we might as well enjoy this while we can! You can never have too much of a good thing they say--so that translates to eat lunch and dinner at the same restaurant!

Here is the Chili Bean & Beef nacho platter (6500w; $6.50USD)--I don't think I need to explain anything here, as the picture says it all!

What was for dinner? How about two hard shell tacos (1 chicken, 1 beef; 3300w/$3USD each!) stuffed to the max? These things were so good and reasonably priced too. I can see why Dos Tacos is always so busy.

Here is the Dos Tacos menu in a higher resolution so you can check it out yourself. Their menu is kept fairly small (along with their seating room), but don't take this as a bad sign. This ensures that your meal is prepared fresh and consistent, time after time!

Just where the heck is Dos Tacos? Well, take exit 6 from Gangnam Station and keep on walking straight until you see a Tous Les Jours bakery. Turn left down the alley and Dos Tacos is located at the end. There is also another location in Apgujeong too. Man, if only we found out about this place sooner. I would highly recommend this place if you are craving Mexican food in Seoul! We had an exciting day in Gangam, so expect more posts in the next week, along with some fun videos.

Where else have you eaten Mexican in Seoul? I have heard of Casa Loca, but have never eaten there. Any hardcore Dos Tacos fans out there? What's your favorite Mexican dish?


Anonymous said...

I was spoiled growing up. My mother's parents were born in Mexico, so I got to eat the real stuff all my life. Most people in Mexico eat soft corn tortillas though (cheaper than flour and a staple). Hard shelled ones are a fast food invention. And, sour cream is an American addition to Mexican food. I've never seen it in my relatives houses when we visit Mexico and only in the Americanized fast food joints in Cancun and Cozumel. I can't wait. In one month I'll be over dosing on my moms cooking back in South Texas. Real homemade flour and corn tortillas for two weeks. Then, back here to the little hagwon in Daejeon. The owner nearly jumped for joy when I told him I'd stick around for another year today.

Gary said...

John, next time bring me some real Mexican, will ya? By the way, how are you recovering from your biking accident?? I was shocked when I read your comment!

Laura said...

Hey I'm trying to work on getting my blog up... but I'm running into so many glitches. Such as, not being able to use paragraphs??? (Weird, I know). Also, I was wondering how you got things added to both sides of your blog. Like the About me and poll on the left, and all those links on the right. I've been trying to do it but it only lets me add things to one side. And how did you get your picture inside the box with your Title and site description? Please don't say it has anything to do with HTML haha. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all of this stuff, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's just say that in my contract negotiations, the word AIG (well, intials) was (were) used a lot. I'm slowly mending, but it could have been a lot worse. Especially, judging by the looks I got when I picked myself up off of the asphalt and hobbled with away with my damaged bicycle.

I'm in shock right now, as I come to the realization that I will be in Daejeon for another year. I thought I might get an ESL certification in Thailand (5 months), hit China for 6-12 months, and then spend a year or two in both eastern and western Europe before teaching on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. But, I have it pretty good here, and I want to save up before I take on those jobs that will barely cover my expenses.

I'd love to make it to your blogger meeting, but I'd be totally lost trying to find you in Seoul and navigate the subway system. Plus, I'd like to meet your other half and get her take on your adventures.

Maybe, though, if you posted a detailed map I might give it a try and take my first trip into the big city. Will she of Stranger in Suwon fame be there? Or, any other famed bloggers beside yourself and Jon?

daeguowl said...

I don't know if Eva is going to come along...I get the impression that she doesn't really hang out with foreigners...

Anonymous said...

There's another dos tacos branch in hongdae. and they have margaritas! strong ones too. the kangnam branch didn't have them the last time i went. if you're walking on the big street that leads straight into Hongik Univ., it'll be on your left. cheers!

Gary said...

l to the aura: I was able to get my picture and description by putting the picture inside a html/java page element...you're going to have to host your picture somewhere, then link to it using html. I hope this makes sense!

john: once I find out details I'll let you know.

daeguowl: I sent her an email so we'll see...

Anonymous: thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

wtf... this place is like a poor man's taco bell... except it's not so cheap. no carne asada? don't trust canadians when it comes to mexican food.

susan said...

I love Dos Tacos!
They have one in Hongdae too.
I got a scrambled egg and potato burrito because I wanted to try an unusual "flavor". It was sooo delicious!

Anonymous said...

Wow I've been looking for hard shell tacos everywhere in Seoul. Thank you very much. I'll definetly be going to get my fix on those hard shell tacos. I've searched high and low, when all I needed to do was come to this site. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thats so Chido (slang for cool) that you all like Mexican food even if its the americanized version if you want to try real tacos though you need 1.Corn tortillas heated on a griddle or flat pan if you put them in the microwave they tend to get squishy 2.Carne (meat)thin cut or chopped i prefer cow meat but you can use chicken or pork (cooked with a little oil or lard, seasoned with salt and (->pepper<-optional) 3.petite diced(chopped) onions and chopped cilantro for that authentic taste. These are not to be cooked you put them on your tacos once they are made.O i almost forgot you also need a lil lime juice (fresh) but just a lil bit like 1/4 of the lime for like two tacos you add at the end with the onion and cilantro and add salt to taste and if you want that real Mexican heat you can eat the tacos with a salsa if anyone is interested on getting the recipe for that please contanct me at chicamexicana1@yahoo.com Hope you all find this useful and try out a real taco

Anonymous said...

Love the food here! It's as good as any Mexican food I've had at home in Southern California. Just so you know, the Tous Les Jours closed. Frisbee, an Apple retailer, is being constructed in its place. Dos Tacos is still there, and there's a sign for it out on the sidewalk at the entrance to the alley.

Anonymous said...

this food looks a little worse than tex-mex! being from San Diego, CA we have by far the most authentic/cream-of-the-crop mexican food. olives and hard shell tacos are not a staple in mexican food. it's too bad you guys have this to be excited over. the closer u are to the border (that is, the mexican border) the better the food is.

Friend Isaac said...

do you know where i can get REAL mexican food in seoul? not the american taco bell or its equivalent, or the dos tacos korean mexican stuff. the mexican food here are barely mexican, they're veggies rolled up in tortilla!! very disappointed. reminds me of the snack wrap from McDonalds. :\

i'm craving some authentic pollo and pico de gallo on my tacos. the search continues

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