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Monday, 9 July 2007

People Watching at Shinsegae Department Store

I get emails and requests from readers all the time about what they would like to see on this blog. Most of the time I will fulfill requests that are within reason. Recently, Angel from Singapore (Naengmyeon Weather is Back) requested to see what people are wearing during this summer weather. Well Angel, if you ask, you shall receive!

Here is a short clip from the Shinsegae Department Store (a direct competitor to the Hyundai Department Store). It was taken while we were sitting in some lounge chairs enjoying some Red Mango frozen yogurt. Notice the problems with the door--I ended up accidentally stopping it permanently when I was leaving, as I wanted to test out the safety features of this thing. I let the door hit the heel of my shoe and it just stopped and would not start up again...whoops! Enjoy your one and half minute glimpse of what people are wearing:

Our last day of work is July 24th! We fly back to Canada the next day...I can't believe one year has gone by so quickly--I still can't believe I'm in Korea. Anyways, I will have a post about what to bring to Korea coming later this week (Stephanie--I promise!). I'll explain about what I should've brought and what I should've left at home. Stay tuned!!

*edit* There's a K-Bloggers meet up that will be on July 22nd...read more about it here!


Toki said...

Good lord. Does this mean we won't be getting anymore Daily Kimchis?!!

You've finally caused me to de-lurk after a year.

What will happen to my daily fix?! *sob*

Gary said...

toki: I am going to continue posting since I have a huge collection of pictures still. However, I won't be in South Korea.

I got you to de-lurk and post a comment...my job here is done!! :)

Leo said...

It looks like any other day here in our Richmond ;)

So you gonna change the name of the blog when you come back?

Speaking of which, I'm sending you the t-shirt to your Victoria address, since you're coming back so soon.

daeguowl said...

Are you going to have a leaving party?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gdog,

When you answer "the what to bring questions or leave behind questions," remember that many people coming here won't have as easy an access to Costco as you and I have had.

John from Daejeon

Gary said...

Leo: I'm probably going to leave the focus of this blog on Korea...and start up another personal blog on the Wordpress platform.

Cool...I look forward to receiving the shirts! I will post as promised.

daeguowl: Haven't decided on anything yet, but what about having a Daily Kimchi blog party? Anyone down for that??

John: LOL...good point John. I think we were a bit spoiled being so darn close to the place.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm just smart and used to the trappings of big box stores. I choose this city and my school based on its proximity to Costco. Thank you, Google Earth and on-line addresses. My choices in Taiwan and China were also situated close to either Costco or Wal-Mart.

It's funny because I teach in one of the less desirable areas of town due to its age and poorer citizens, but Costco is located in the center of it. Before I leave the my school, I need to make sure that they advertise that added benefit in their future job postings as should other schools in the neighborhood. That would do more good than hawking the great outdoors over here as an incentive.

Now, I gotta get some quick shut eye. In a few hours before my early class, I'm hitting the first showing of Harry Potter. It'll be a little tight time wise.

Angela Arenivar said...

Is there any way I might be able to teach English in South Korea for the months of June and July (2008)? Any guidance you could give would be appreciated!

Your new fan,
Angela A.

Anonymous said...

I'm stoked I got a mention on your blog...I feel like the friend of a celebrity:)
I'm looking forward to your post!
All the best!
And keep blogging, you're a fun read! I think you've e-mailed my boyfriend, Dave (George Bailey?) He has a blog as well!


Anonymous said...

too bad you are leaving. it's a shame you spent a whole year in a country and didn't learn anything outside of Costco and department stores. it must be weird traveling halfway around the world only to seek things from home. I think you'll regret this later. I think your blog would have been much more interesting if you dove into the particulars of Korean culture, instead of your corporate focused attitude, though I'm not surprised due to the outrageous number of silly advertisements you have allowed to clutter up your page.

Gary said...

angela: Yes, it is possible to teach for two months of June and July in 2008. We have a couple teachers at our school that are working only for a couple months. As for a place to go, I would suggest checking out WorkNPlay or Dave's ESL Cafe for jobs.

Stephanie: AHH! You are Dave's girlfriend! When are you guys coming over to Korea?

anonymous: thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. From your ignorant comments it's clear that you haven't even read my blog. Feel free to look around!

I wonder how it must be to live such a bitter life and have to be a troll on blog. Well done! Thanks for having the courage to actually leave your name, instead of hiding under the veil of secrecy as "Anonymous" :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

im up for the daily kimchi blog party! :P

Quite interesting how Toki said your blog is a 'daily fix'-cos it soo is!! :D

Clare from nz

Anonymous said...

Why did you moderate my questions, I was asking why you are leaving and what you will do after you are back home???

Anonymous said...

Well, Gdog, that last person hasn't read through your entire stay here in South Korea. I've been following your exploits since September (just after I arrived), and I had to go back and hit your Jeju adventure and other assorted bits and pieces to catch up on what I had missed.

Blogging is somewhat intensive, especially if you update it daily and are trying to keep it fresh and interesting. Not only that, but teaching is a constant mental challenge. You aren't just a drone in bee hive. Every student is different and it takes the ability of a juggler to keep the classes flowing and the learning ongoing.

And, I'm not ashamed to admit that I chose my position here in Daejeon because of its proximity to Costco (thank you Google Earth), and when I was looking into Taiwan and China, I also made sure that the cities on my short list either had a Costco or Wal-Mart. It's called a little bit of comfort far from home. However, I actually shop along the side streets with the Moms and Pops mostly and hit Homever, EMart, and Homeplus as often as I grace Costco.

Gary said...

clare: Thanks for the comment! :)

durk: ummm...where did I moderate your questions? Can you clarify?

John: thanks for always writing the most interesting comments on the blog! I agree with ya, if you do your homework it can totally make a difference where you end up. :)

Anonymous said...

Well I sent a comment to ask you why you left Korea, and what you will do back home, but it was not published. I thought you deleted it out of rage :) :)

Gary said...

durk: Hey durk, I normally don't moderate my comments unless it's spam, which gets through if I have it on unmoderated. Anyways, to answer your question, I will be leaving Korea because our 1 year contract is up. When I get home, I will be relaxing and deciding where we will go next. Thanks for commenting! Sometimes I have so many comments I can't keep track of them all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I have been very silent but very fan reader.

Anonymous said...

will you keep this blog on even after your return home?

or will you hand it over to another person going to Korea to blog with?

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