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Friday, 3 August 2007

Eating at The Place in Gwanghwamun

So during one of our last weekends we met up with a friend in Gwanghwamun for lunch. She wanted to take us to this cafe/eatery called The Place. So, after meeting at City Hall (which had a mosaic/mural of the city nearby--more on that later) we walked to Gwanghwamun, about 10 minutes away.

After arriving at The Place, we found that it was bustling and well decorated inside. The concept here was that you would wait to be seated upstairs, then make your way downstairs to order up your own lunch, or go hog wild with their salad bar buffet. Gi-Young recommended that we try the waffles, so we ordered that along with a panini and a small pizza. Bring on the food!

Here's the open kitchen, where you can order from a wide range of sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, soup, and salads:

Or, you can also go for items on the salad bar. But at 2500w ($2.50US) for 100grams, that will cost ya!

We lucked out and managed to nab a nice table by the window. This place was busy full of hungry diners. As you can see on the brick wall, we were at The Place:

Here's my panini, it was some sort of bacon and salami sandwich. It tasted pretty good but I was still hungry afterwards. Hmm...what should I have?

How about a sausage pizza to wash the sandwich down? What a great idea! But wait, that's not enough...

...I'll steal some of Devante's waffles with whipped cream. These waffles were damn good...come to The Place if you're craving some good brunch fare:

Gi-Young had some mini scones, but of course I had a small bite to finish off my meal. This was one of our final weekends in Seoul, so it would end up being a very busy evening from morning till night. Stay tuned for more!

If you want to visit The Place, it is on the same side of the street where the Kyobo bookstore is, but going the opposite way. It is right near Gwanghwamun Station. Get ready next time for some even better waffles from our visit to Cafe Ima, also located in Gwanghwamun!


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