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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Incheon International Airport Duty Free

If you're still following our journey home right now, by this time we have finally reached Incheon International Airport via the Airport Bus from Mokdong Station. Once we arrived, bag carriers helped unload our bags from the bus, free of charge. In some other countries, you'd be expected to pony up a tip right about now. I had mentioned before that all of our bags were overweight by at least 2-3kg (5-6lbs/bag)!

Once we arrived at the Air Canada check-in counter we were praying that we wouldn't have to pay the overweight fees, although we were prepared to do so. Lucky enough, with my luck we ran into a very friendly employee who waived all the charges for us! :) So after checking in we went through security (my jacket weighed about 10lbs) without a hitch. Phew.

Next up, was Korean Immigration. Here they check your passport to see who you are and why you're leaving the country. This is where we surrendered our Alien Registration Cards (ARC). They would have made great souvenirs though! Oh well. All this work of course had built up our appetite, including lugging our bags to Mokdong Station and that bus ride. Time to eat!

One of the food courts at Incheon has a Subway, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts (read here on how to build a street in Korea), and a Korean restaurant. We opted for sandwiches from Subway, wet napkins from KFC, and a drink from Burger King! There was no way I was going to shell out 4000w ($4US) for one bottle of Snapple from Subway!

Our view from out table was this "phat" airline:

But wait, there's more! There was the Summer Star Cool Festival happening at the airport. This booth was setup to offer free 4x6 portraits to everybody. Apparently you are supposed to spend $50-100 at the duty free shops to get a picture, but these guys were letting everybody have a free photo. Did you say free? Count me in!

Here they had pictures of random people and on that red board to the left, you could vote on which was your favorite picture. Some cute kids were there, so we put up a sticker to vote for them:

Here's the result of our picture. This couple working the booth were really friendly and they spoke English. He was shooting with a Canon dSLR, so I knew that his camera took CompactFlash memory. I happened to have a spare memory card in my pocket so I asked him if he would be willing to take our pictures with my memory! He agreed! Perfect! This picture is now my profile picture on Facebook! Thanks buddy!

Let's get onto the duty free shops at Incheon. The duty free shopping here is well laid out and there is a lot of selection. Here's a map of the airport's layout:

Here's one of the directories for your shopping desires:

I bought some Jeju orange chocolate and an LCD screen protector ($8USD/8000w) for my Canon XTi. We had some extra Korean Won so we had to spend it somehow!

Who can forget our favorite Korean conglomerate, the makers of everything, Lotte?

The next post will be about my adventures on the plane, which included asking the kid sitting in front of me for his salad. Stay tuned! Have you shopped at the Incheon Duty Free?


Anonymous said...

I mentioned once that I had got in a little trouble for what I did online during the growth of the first home services. Now, all these young kids are putting very questionable material celebrating their youthful hijinks online
not realizing that eventually they'll want to get a job and join the rest of the working drones getting a steady paycheck. However, facebook has sold out and now any HR gumshoe can track down whatever tracks we leave all over the web, and it nearly cost a beauty queen her crown.


So, far your tracks could get you hired at numerous magazines that feature travel, photography, or eating. If you're in to that sort of thing.

Gary said...

john: Yeah, I've read about those stories too--it's quite hilarious. You never know what people will find about you on the web! That's why there's always a fine line about what to reveal about yourself on a blog.

Thanks for the suggestions, these are interests of mine and I enjoy writing and taking pictures. Possibly a career change down the road? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

What's worse, is that you can piss off someone who will then go online and right nasty stuff about you and sometimes they even post addresses and photos.

There are quite a few ex-boyfriend sites that do just this by listing cheaters, gamblers, criminals, and just plain losers by name and address. It's quite hard to get your name back if some of these "scorned" people blog, or create a website, under a false name and from an unknown location. It's a different story if they use their public library with their own library card or their own homes; they might then be sued for libel.

The reporter of this story for ABC news in the U.S. found himself listed in google under a not so freindly name. There are actually people out there who can fix blemishes on your name if something terrible comes up when you google yourself.

I wonder what the serfs from a thousand years ago would think about 21st century jobs like google name cleanser, virtual receptionist, and internet tycoon.

Unknown said...

That is why it is good there are jobs like virtual assistants where you can work in near anonymity. You can even share a name with other colleagues.

I think half the companies I know do too much background to disqualify applicants and the other half do none at all.

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