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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ohmokgyo CO-OP Residence in Yangpyeong: Checking In

Some people have commented about how they've enjoyed reading my blog--thanks for that. Some people have also commented about how I'm still in Korea--well, the truth is I'm no longer in Korea, but I have so much to talk about still. If you guys and gals want me to write like I'm still in Korea, let me know! I can pretend that I'm still there...maybe I didn't go there at all! ;)

Anyways, here's another post about our departure from Korea. You read about our first hotel, the Best Western Niagara. Well, after two nights there we had to check into the Ohmokgyo CO-OP Residence near Yangpyeong Station (this station is so small there are only two exits; the place is a ghost town) because the Best Western was fully booked. Maybe it was the other way around, but either way I'm not complaining because we had the opportunity to stay in hotels for free!

The Ohmokgyo CO-OP Residence is minutes away from Omokgyo (I guess they decided to add an "h" to help with the pronunciation of the place). Here's a look at the outside (we checked in after our pig spine dinner):

The check in counter; there is also a 24 hour Family Mart at the basement level of the residence. However, they don't sell or refill T-Money cards. I tried to use the remaining balance on our cards to buy coffee milk, but I was denied. Doh!:

The Ohmokgyo CO-OP Residence is a busy place. There were tours checking in and other large groups. Even with three elevators, the lobby was jam packed. To add fun to the mix, our room was located on the highest floor, the 15th--which meant we had the pleasure of watching everyone else get off before we did!

Remember my trip to Hong Kong? That was the last time I was able to practice speaking Cantonese. Of course I speak to my parents in Cantonese, but it's a mix of Cantonese/English. So when a group of Cantonese speaking visitors entered our already jam-packed elevator, I knew it was my time to shine. Heck, even Devante jumped into the mix and dropped some C-bombs on these folks! Let's watch and listen:

For those who don't understand Cantonese, here's the transcript for ya:
Gdog: I think I'm going to speak Cantonese to this lady.
Gdog's boss: Please, I'm begging you to reconsider.
Gdog to the old lady: Is this your first time to Korea?
Old lady (smiling with fear): It's my second time (why is this weirdo speaking to me?).
Gdog: I'm here teaching English!
OL: You're in Korea teaching English??
Gdog: Yes. This is my girlfriend (adding fuel to the fire).
Chinese Man: 2nd floor, 2nd floor!
OL: How long have you been here (I think he's lying)?
Gdog: One year.
Devante: Have you eaten rice today (it's a greeting in Cantonese)?
OL: WOW!! Yes, I've eaten today!
Random Strangers: Wow...ahhh...oooooh...(a white person speaking Cantonese! Incredible!)
Random person: We've even eaten our late night snack too!
Gdog: Wow, late night snack too? Oohh, ahhhh! You even bought kimchi!
OL: We didn't buy it...it was a gift!
Gdog: Wow! A gift?
OL: Yes, they gave it to us to try it out.
Gdog: Wow, that's so great. It's very spicy, watch out!
Random man: blah blah blah this is your floor.
OL: Bye bye!!
Gdog (in a whiney voice): Okay BYE BYE! Goodnight!
Bystanders in Elevator (awkward silence): get me outta here before he starts talking to me too!

Here's a special message for all of you: Jesus loves you

These suites at the Ohmokgyo CO-OP Residence have full kitchenettes so you can cook. Here's the entrance with the bathroom to the immediate left, the kitchen on the right, and our bed at the far end. A LCD/TV, hair dryer, microwave, refrigerator, stove element, A/C, shower sandals, towels, and soap were all provided for us.

Here's our bathroom...a shower door, always a good sign! :)

Our kitchenette that remained untouched (we stopped cooking consistenly with almost four-five months left in Korea...sometimes it's easier to eat out for cheap):

Here's our bed...which was not a king size like the Best Western! Can you believe that?! Of course I gave our boss an earshot for this setback! ;)

The residence is down a side street so cabs are very hard to catch. Your best bet is to walk one block out to the main road. Overall, not a bad place to stay that is in a convenient location near the Yangpyeong subway station (line 5, exit 2; and COSTCO!) that is reasonably priced. Rooms start from 50,000w - 162,000w ($50-162US). What hotels have you stayed at in Korea?

EDIT: Check out this breakfast poster...highlights include "Break", "Fruit Dissert", and my personal favorite..."GRUEL!" Be sure to get your 10,000w's worth of breakfast!


Anonymous said...

If you return, will you two stay with the same company in Seoul or try something different in Busan, Jeju, or a rural area?

Good luck wherever you two end up.

daeguowl said...

We should have gone for some Cantonese Karaoke....I do a mean Jacky Cheung...

Gary said...

John: We are going to try for a job with a different company, maybe on the outskirts of Seoul. I'll be sure to let you guys know where we go. Maybe I'll just apply at McDonald's instead!

daeguowl: LOL!! Man, if I had only known we would be singing some karaoke immediately!!

daeguowl said...

Well, if you're thinking of comnig back...but I'm out of touch, haven't updated by canto-pop repertoire since the mid-nineties...Leon, Jacky and Andy

Lazy Cook Easy Recipes said...

LOL! Funniest post ever!

Anonymous said...

The word for "gift/present" in Cantonese sounds similar to the Korean word!

In Korean, it's 선물 (or, "sunmool").


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