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Monday, 3 September 2007

Incredible Waffles in Korea: Cafe imA

You're in for a real treat today because the meal you're about to witness was one of our favorite meals in Seoul. It's a shame that we only found out about this place during our last week in Korea.

The Gwanghwamun area is home to museums, palaces, and tonnes of cafes and coffee shops. Whenever we visited the City Hall area, we would always end up in Gwanghwamun to grab a bite to eat. Remember the last time we had waffles at The Place? Those waffles were good, but as you will soon realize, the waffles at Cafe imA in Gwanghwamun take the cake as some of the best waffles we've ever had.

We dropped by on a Saturday afternoon, and Cafe imA was jam packed. The wait for a table would be 30-40 minutes--this is for the waffles of course! We had lots of time so we decided to bunker down, find a seat and wait. After watching the line grow and grow, we didn't feel too bad about waiting. Just what kind of waffles would we be having?

Here's the inside of the dining area. There are two areas for patrons to scarf their faces full of brunch items. We sat down in the main area:

The menu for Cafe imA is not very extensive, but it does cover your major brunch items. There's soup, sandwiches, coffee, cakes, waffles...waffles...waffles...err, sorry about that. Anyways, we opted for their waffles with "everything" for 12,000w ($12USD--yes, twelve bucks for waffles; these better be damn good) and the Cafe imA BLT sandwich. After a brief wait, we were presented with the following:

Holy hotcakes! Now these are what you call waffles! A freshly cooked waffle that's still crispy, topped with two massive scoops of ice cream and two dollops of whipped cream. This plate definitely was meant to be shared, because it would be hard for one person to eat it all by themselves (I bet you I could do it--but I'd probably pay the price afterwards). I hope this answers your question on how well we did eating up these waffles (everybody ordered them too by the way):

Of course, while we're eating waffles we also shared this sandwich (which tasted incredible). It was a case of popping back and forth between a hot sandwich and waffles. It went like this: one bite of the waffles, one bite of the sandwich, one bite of the waffles, one bite of the sandwich...etc...you get the idea!

Check out this Korean girl dining on a panini and an order of waffles with ice cream! What an oinker! OK, I'll stop being mean, her boyfriend was in the washroom. I just wanted to show you how big the scoops of ice cream were:

After this satisfying meal that definitely exceeded the number of daily calories the human body should intake in a day, I took a quick trip over to their open waffle kitchen to investigate. Ah-ha! Now I know why the ice cream was so good--it was Haagen Dazs! Two ladies ran this waffle station and I would have to say they were doing an excellent job:

"You want whipped cream? I'll give you whipped cream!"

Cafe imA is located inside the ilmin museum of art, just outside Gwanghwamun Station, exit 5. We found out about this place from our Korean friends--I don't think we would have stumbled across it by ourselves. *burp*...I would highly recommend visiting Cafe imA if you're looking for an awesome meal. The $12 waffles are worth it, as long as you're prepared to wait!

Look for this building as the entrance is on the main floor:

Has anyone else here been to Cafe imA? What kind of waffles do you like?


Anonymous said...

The waffles sure do look tempting....


vanveghel said...

We're in Suwon, but we'll be heading over to the Royal Netherlands Embassy (that's right, not the 'Dutch Embassy', it's the 'Royal Netherlands Embassy') in Gwanghwamun to pick up my wife's new passport. We'll be sure to drop by to try those waffles!

Anonymous said...

Cafe imA is quite famous for its
waffles. I've never been there,
but I saw it many times in Naver food blogs. I should really schedule time to go there!! By the way I've been reading your posts since last year, but this is my first comment!!

Gary said...

janice: Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and reading my blog! The waffles were amazing there and I can't wait to try them again! :)

Mijune said...

Is that matcha ice cream!? It's so green! Looks delicious! I had that in Korea as well...well the matcha ice cream not the waffles. Mine wasn't as green as yours. I was trying to find Honey Milk Tea which is apprently only available in Hagen Daaz in Korea but I couldn't find it.

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