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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Eating at Garden City Hot Pot in Richmond

When you're in Richmond, BC, also known as the Hong Kong of Canada (or
Hongcouver) as some may see it, you end up eating a variety of cuisine. When you're not experiencing the chaos of a plane flying into a condo, you're eating. On this occasion we went out for hot pot at Garden City Hot Pot (it's on Garden City Road of course).

As some of you may already know, hot pot is where you cook raw ingredients in boiling broth of your choice. The concept is similar to shabu shabu that we experienced in Korea. Some say hot pot is healthy but when you consider how salty and addictive the sauces are (you dip eat bite in a soya sauce mixture and
other MSG-laden sauces) I would think the opposite!

Normally when we go out for hot pot we go to all you can eat places for the best deal. Too bad this wasn't the case at Garden City Hot Pot! My sister likes this place so we went here with her and her best friend. We ended up ordering too much and literally paid the price for it! The food was identical to other all you can eat places but this time around we paid for each plate ordered! Oh well, all in all we had a good time but next time I am going to an AYCE (all you can eat) hot pot instead!

As you can see, each setting includes a ladle made out of wire so you can cook your food in the hote broth. Also supplied are wooden chopsticks to handle raw ingredients and for stirring in the communal soup--except I get so hungry that I keep on forgetting to switch my chopsticks back! Err...just don't make a big deal and nobody will ever know!

The boiling broth with a divider down the middle; sometimes there are two different kinds. You can see the thinly sliced meat, ready for cooking!

You can't have hot pot without ordering mass amounts of greens...as you can see here:

...and here...

I mentioned about the healthy part of hot pot, but that can be changed by overdosing on this sauce, a mixture of soya sauce and some other paste I can't remember...it contains way too much sodium--yet it's so darn tasty! With this in mind, most hot pot places serve complimentary teas and herbal drinks. At Garden City Hot Pot you have all you can drink chrysanthemum tea at your disposal to combat this salty sauce. Another option is to drink...WATER!

The cool thing about hot pot? Most items take minutes to cook so you can just dig in like we are doing below. The bad thing? I am too impatient to wait for my food to cook!

"Thanks, special tasty sauce for making each morsel so delicious..."

One last picture, just for you guys...only in a Chinese restaurant will you see a glass taped to the counter to prevent theft! Don't forget the few toothpicks placed in the glass so people don't grab a handful for later...

These pictures were taken with by the iPhone...not bad, don't you agree?


Orchid said...

Your iPhone pics are great Gdog!

Over here we call the Hot Pot - "Steam Boat".


Gary said...

Orchid: Thanks! "Steam boat" huh? That's very interesting...I will keep that in mind! :)

Anonymous said...

looks great gdog...

brilliant pics.

hmm weird how u dont beat a raw egg into your sauce...is the name of the sauce u looking for called xo sauce?

never eat hotpot china style they put peanut butter in their sauce.YUK!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you can get individual hot pots or do you have to go with the everyone shares one bowl?

I'm obsessed with very hot and spicy foods and would want to order the hottest broth possible for me and allow my friends to have their milder hot pots.

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