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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Long Overdue: The Top Posts of 2006

Alrighty, I should have done this a lot sooner, but now that I have way too much spare time on my hands, I figured it would be a good time to organize this blog and make it easier for first time visitors to navigate and explore.

So here we go with the most popular posts of 2006, organized by month. What's my benchmark? Well, these are the posts that generated the most comments by month, or they just were fun to write about. So without delay, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

July 2006
How We Ended up Choosing Korea
Registration with the Canadian Embassy
Our Accomodation and First Korean Meal
Applying for the ARC Card
Korean BBQ--Finally!
Our Journey to Itaewon
Pictures of My Class
Visit to Myeongdong Shopping District
COSTCO in Korea
Insadong - A nice tourist trap

August 2006
Korean Entrepreneur on the Subway (Cucumber on Face Guy)
Korea's Amazing Recycling Initiative
Our Visit to Dongdaemun
Friday Night: In the V.I.P(S)!
Seoul Tower...up, up and away!
Krispy Kreme in Korea
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt
Buying a Cellphone in Korea
Live TV on my "new" Cellphone
Apgujeong: The Beverly Hills of Seoul
Starbucks in Korea: Bling Bling
63 Building in Yeouido: Formerly the Tallest in Seoul
Last Day of Intensives: Off to Jeju Island
Walmart in Korea!
HSBC Locations in Korea

September 2006
Craving Durian: The King of Fruit
Our Visit to Samseong COEX Mall
Learning Hangul: The Korean Alphabet
How to Open a Durian: Video
Convenience Stores in Korea: The Cornerstone of Survival
How to Get Students to do Homework
Korean Street Carnage Outside our Window
McDonald's Apple Pie: Deep Fried in Asia

October 2006
Checking out The Korean War Memorial (part 2, part 3)
Eating Breakfast Sandwiches Out of a Truck
Namdaemun Market: In the Heart of the City
Getting My First Haircut in Seoul
200th Post on The Daily Kimchi
Visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace
Buying a Dell Notebook in Korea
Gangbyeon: The Electronics at Techno Mart
Note to self: Do not eat Two Two Chicken Before Bed
How to Watch Free TV in Korea
Tour of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): Part 2 (3rd Tunnel & Dorasan), Part 3 (Joint Security Area), Part 4 (Inside the MAC Huts)
Kimchi Cutters: Yes, I said Kimchi Cutters
The Top 10 TEFL Blogs: The Daily Kimchi Recognized
Night Cruise along the Han River

November 2006
Ice Cream Sponsored by a Pig in a Tuxedo
Lunch on the Weekend at Pastario
Homever: Grand Opening!
The Best Time to Shop in Myeongdong
Ordering Papa John's Pizza--Delivery!
Top 3 Essentials for Teaching English in Korea
Barley Cola: Does Anyone Drink McCol?
How to Help My Students See Better, Literally
Catching My Students Making Fun of Me
Lotteworld: Korea's Most Dangerous Amusement Park; Part Two
Eating King Crab in Seoul for my Birthday
Buying a dSLR in Seoul: Canon 400D/XTi/Kiss Digital X
The Cheapest Way to Call Home from South Korea
Things You Find on the Way Home from a Haircut
Korean BBQ: Added to the List of Things I'm Addicted To
Interesting Essays I've Encountered at Work

December 2006
This Is Why I Chose the Teaching Profession
The #1 Choice of Breakfast for English Teachers
How to Listen to Free Online Radio in Korea
Joining the Masked Face Club
Kids Reading at the Bookstore
Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup): The Perfect Meal for a Cold
My First "Kraze" Experience in Seoul
Our Upcoming Christmas Vacation
The World's Most Expensive Maple Syrup
Our First Mr. Pizza Experience: Next Time it will be Nude
Experiencing the Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade
Christmas Lights at City Hall
Hello From the United Arab Emirates!

That's it...six months of highlights from 2006. I'll make another post for the top posts of the first half of 2007 later on. Peace.


Jon Allen said...

Good idea. I keep planning on going through all my blog posts and picking out the best ones to make 'best of Korea' section.

You don't want to go through my blog do you? :)

Gary said...

Jon: Sure, I'd love to go through your blog--for a price though! ;)

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sat. 061007

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