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Monday, 8 October 2007

Victoria's Secret: Saigon Night Vietnamese Restaurant

Do you have a favorite restaurant in your city/town that you always look forward to visiting? It's no big secret that if you make quality dishes that are consistent time after time, people will keep coming back (too bad this isn't always the case!). Well, one place in Victoria that I've waited over a year to eat at again is Saigon Night, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria, BC. The food post flood gates have been unleashed!

Saigon night serves up some of the tastiest and freshest Vietnamese in Victoria. I would have to say it is one of the secret spots in town that many people do not hear about. Their menu is kept simple and every dish just tastes incredible! Not only that, the restaurant is very clean and the service is always excellent. Thuy Ngyuen is one of the friendliest owners you'll ever meet. Let's take a look at what I've waited so long for...

This appetizer is Saigon Night's deep fried tofu with a ginger sauce, and it's one of the most popular choices on the menu. Some people don't like tofu but I guarantee you that after a bite of this, you will definitely reconsider:

Devante ordered this unique dish, which consists of udon noodles mixed in a creamy coconut milk sauce, topped off with grilled pork and shredded pork, bean sprouts, and carrots. Man, I've had this dish multiple times and my mouth is watering just thinking about it again!

By far the most popular dish on the menu is this vermicelli noodle bowl, served with grilled pork, a spring roll, bean sprouts, and topped off with peanuts. Saigon Night spices up their fish sauce with some chilies, and once added to this bowl it's just incredible.

When I arrived back home from teaching in Korea, it just so happened that Saigon Night had just closed a month for holidays! Doh! So I had to endure a month before I could visit the restaurant again. I could barely sleep at night, I was so traumatized!

If you enjoy Vietnamese cuisine that is fresh and tasty, I would recommend a visit to Saigon Night, which is located on the corner of Fort Street and Quadra. Their hours are Tues-Sat, 11am-3pm & 5pm-8:30pm. They are closed on Sunday and Mondays. If you're heading there on a Friday or Saturday night, get ready to wait in line (or call 250.384.2971 to make a reservation and beat the crowds!).


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know the Vietnamese last name is actually spelled "Nguyen." (Why do I know this? I have the same last name :)

Also, from the pictures you posted, this restaurant seems more of a Vietnamese fusion food place, not completely authentic. If you get the chance, go try an authentic restaurant! (probably not as posh but you see what real Vietnamese food cooked for Vietnamese people is). Enjoy! :)

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