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Thursday, 10 January 2008

A Long Awaited Kimchi Update

Hello there, my name is Gdog and I currently am teaching English in Korea...errr...umm...wait a minute, that just doesn't sound right anymore! For all you patient people out there, I do apologize for not updating daily anymore. I wish I could, but now that I am busy working I don't have much time. Well, I have time now so tonight I'm going to give you a kimchi update--literally!

When I was in Korea, no matter where I went I always thought about "hmm...this could be a potential blog post!" Well, the same thing still comes to mind back home. Just yesterday I was at a local Asian supermarket chain, T&T Supermarket in Richmond. I was roaming down one of the refrigerator aisles and what did I see? You guess right--KIMCHI!

I've seen this kimchi/Korean aisle before, but today I decided to snap a few pictures. Man, Koreans who are living here must love being able to buy pretty much anything from back home in Richmond (and Coquitlam). I visited an Asian specialty shop and was able to find all sorts of Korean snacks, such as Pepero and those chocolate filled cookie thingies with cartoon prints on them (you know what I'm talking about--the pink and green boxes):

This little tub of kimchi goodness is made in Coquitlam...no time to make your own kimchi because you have to drive the kids to soccer? No problem, buy it here and save time!

As for a food update, it's been a while since I've posted about the morsels of deliciousness that have entered my body. Well, here is a picture of some homemade hummus (with lots of garlic!) I was eating yesterday with Stacy's baked pita chips (which is hiding under that tiny mound of hummus). It was darn good, but I think I might have gone overboard with the garlic. Everytime I burp, it still reeks of garlic. Awesome!

As for an update on the job front, I've been working pretty much everyday on call. It's been a mixture of high school and elementary school. Either way, I've come to the conclusion that Koreans are everywhere. I met a grade 11 student in my class today that lived in Mokdong prior to moving to Vancouver! Small world. Hmm... I thought to myself...let's see how Korean he really is...

I asked him about "fan death", the health benefits of kimchi, and if he had a "handpone". He wasn't sure about what "fan death" was, he said he didn't like the smell of kimchi, and when I dropped the "handpone" bomb on him, he replied "you're more Korean than I am." I was so overcome with emotion that I almost cried. Gee, thanks kid!


Leo said...

I'm surprised they let you take photos in the store. T&T has a strict no-photos policy because they don't want competitors taking photos of displays and pricing. I've seen their ninjas pop out and remove people.

Anonymous said...

I've been here almost a year and a half and have somehow evaded all the mandatory hikes.

Gary said...

Leo: LOL! Those suckas at T&T can't touch me...I'm too quick for them. Dude, I have an iPhone!!

John: Good to see you are still alive and kicking! ;)

Tiffany J said...

Hi, I've been reading some of your blogs and they're pretty interesting. I actually had kimchi for the first time Saturday in NYC Koreatown. My boyfriend is moving to Korea in April to teach and I'm now considering going with him (although I wouldn't knwo what I'd do for work since I wouldn't be teaching)I was hoping you'd respond and try to help me out. Btw, I was adopted from South Korea which I think puts in intersting spin on this since I'm ridiculously American.

Anyway, if you can help me out, answer questions and all I'd supre appreciate it!

Tiffany J said...

I actually had kinchi for the first time Saturday in Koreatown in NYC. I've really enjoyed the tips and stuff from yoru blogs and was wondering if you could answer a few questions I had about living in Korea such as if you're not teaching and don't speak Korean can you still find a job? Basically my boyfriend is moving there in April and I'm considering going with him, which means I'd still have bills to pay and no more job here.

To add another twist, I was adopted from Korea and am ridiculously American. Sooooo any help=awesome

mracine said...

gdog can you add me to your blog roll? http://koreaninkorea.blogspot.com

I been reading you blog and hope to post as often as you did when you where in Korea. I can't promise you I'll be as funny but I'll definitely have a different perspective (because I'm an adopted Korean).

Tiffany J said...

I actually just had my first kimchi experince this weekend! I was wondering if you could give me some information if you knew any Korean American who had gone to Korea. I'm thinking about living there for a year. I was adopted from Korea but am VERY American. I would love to hear what your feelings are.

Gary said...

mracine: I've added you to my blogroll. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

tiffany: I actually worked with another teacher that was also a Korean-American, and was also adopted from Korea. There are lots of Koreans here that are teaching English...that are not from Korea. Go figure! :)

kristine said...

hello.. 안녕하세요~~

I believe you can guess what that mean. I found your blog while surfing the internet. you have very fine blog. As a native Korean who live in North America, I am quite surprised. I have never imagined that foreigner found my home country so interesting.

Yes.. Many Young Korean does not like smell of it very much. I daresay weakness of Korean food is in its distinct garlic smell. I do not eat Kimchi either.

what is handpone bomb?

Aisha said...

hi gdog! I love kimchi a lot ever since my Korean friend introduce it to me in Phuket. I like my friend a lot and we hope to see each other again. Would like to add you to my blog roll if it's ok.

Anonymous said...

i hear that somewhere north like kentucky (in us) there's a pizza shop that makes a family special -kimchi pizza.



also, is the nickname feature for choose identity new here? i like it. better than "anonymous"

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