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Monday, 19 May 2008

BBQ Season Starts with my Weber Q 300 Grill!

Ahh, the joys of Spring in Vancouver means...RAIN! Well, it has felt that way for the longest time, but this past long weekend we were blessed with some of the hottest and sunniest weather we've had to date! What makes hot and sunny weather even better? If you guessed a "slip and slide", try again. If you said barbeque...now you're talking!

We recently moved into a condo and with that came a nice sized deck, enough room for me to fit my new Weber Q 300 barbeque! This bad boy retails for $399CDN or so, but I managed to pick it up for half the price used on Craigslist--and the unit was in excellent condition. This bbq sure does beat the el cheapo' $49 mini propane bbq I was using in Victoria. The conclusion is that cast iron grills are bad ass and will sear like no tomorrow!

This is something I definitely missed while I was in Korea--barbequing in the summer. Well, I did eat barbecue all year round in Korea, but it's not the same when it's only cuts of galbi and samgyeopsal! I'm talking big juicy steaks and burgers, too bad that would've cost about a few billion won in Korea!

Anyways, here are a few pics of some BBQ action. Too bad I've been sick during the past few days and I'm currently on antibiotics (drugs are awesome), but hey, I still got to do some grillin! muahahhaha!

Take at look at the grill marks on these top sirloin steaks:

Some grilled prawns were also on the menu:

I had some bacon in the fridge, so I grilled that too! The cool thing about the Weber Q 300 is that there is a opening at the bottom of the bbq which allows juices to drip down into an aluminum tray. I love this thing.

...and here's our table set for four people (Devante's brother and his girlfriend came over for the long weekend):

Okay let's move onto the next day, BBQ action round 2. I just so happened to visit Costco the day before and pick up some Angus Beef burgers there were on sale. These frozen bad boys are some of the juiciest (and high in fat!) frozen burgers you'll ever have. You gotta try them out, seriously! I've eaten three burgers in two days. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go jog for 50 miles, so my heart doesn't stop.

Of course, being the genius that I am I cooked the rest of the bacon for breakfast, which didn't leave me any bacon for my burgers. At least I had some cheddar cheese! Oh well, a Bullseye BBQ sauce cheeseburger was just as good:

Anyways, as you can see good food gets me going and it also motivates me to post on this blog. Hope everyone out there is still alive and kicking! Maybe next time I'll save you a burger or two. ;)

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