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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Preparing for your Journey Teaching English in Korea

Update 1 (Feb 25, 2011): Hey everyone! Hope all is well! I just read one of the most helpful ways to learn Korean is through 90 Day Korean. This program helps you get the basics before you arrive!

I can't stress how valuable it is to know some basic Korean, as it's one way to make life so much easier. Click here to learn more about 90 Day Korean.


Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Things have been busy back here in Canada. Life after teaching English in Korea is quite different. You start to recognize all things Korean in Vancouver and when you do see something you get this "wait a minute...I know you" feeling!

A lot of people have been emailing me about where to find a job in Korea, how to prepare yourself, etc. Well, for starters the immigration process in Korea has toughened up immensely over the past 2 years.

Just to reiterate, you will be required most of the time to...

- Have an undergraduate degree from a university
- Be a native English speaker, preferably from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc...
- Have no drugs in your system
- Have a clean criminal record
- Be interviewed at the closest Korean Consulate at your expense

If you have met the above criteria, you are sitting pretty. Most of the time, experience with children or teaching is a valuable asset. Also, if you have a TEFL certificate or equivalent, that will increase your chances immensely in impressing those picky Korean English Academy directors!

Below is a highly recommended online TEFL course being offered by i to i, and comes recommended by many across the globe.

i-to-i is a world leader in TEFL courses and TEFL jobs abroad. In the past 12 months alone i-to-i has trained 15,000 people to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and assisted them in finding jobs across the globe and have also picked up a clutch of prestigious awards and nominations.

Get the advantage you need when you're applying for jobs to teach in Korea! Click below for a free trial:

20 Hour Weekend TEFL course in USA

Also, when you're sending in your resume and picture, make sure you look clean cut and not like a bum! In Korea, looks are everything, and this is especially important when it comes to landing that job overseas.

PS - Don't forget to read up on my Teaching English in Korea FAQ!

PPS - Now that you're armed with knowledge, get out there and start applying today!!!

PPPS - Already in Korea? Then you need this translated menu from one of the most popular Korean restaurants, Kimbap Nara.

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